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The Triumph card, can be drawn from the deck of many things when agreeing to play a game with Aesgareth in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze.

This page is to document the potential spell effects of this card when it is drawn.


When Aesgareth takes a turn in the first draw contest, there is an even chance of drawing the Triumph card, or the Construct (card).

If this card is drawn, the cambion is surrounded by four 20-HD human fighters that attack him.

Aesgareth and his servants will counterattack the hostile fighters, and eventually destroy them.

Healing spells will be cast by the Tiefling cleric afterwards.

The fighters drop some weaponry that can be recovered by the party.

Note that a clever, lucky and quick response by the party may allow a killing blow on one or more of these fighters, thus "stealing" 6,000 XP for each.

Careful with AoE attacks so as not to turn the fiends hostile.