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Trax's Guard is a Card; that is to say he continually makes fun of his employer, Trax, an officer from the Amnian Revenue and Taxation Board in the city of Athkatla during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. Trax's Guard is only found in the company of Trax after talking to Jan Jansen for the first time in the Government District.

At ease, citizen.

Once Trax confronts Jan, Trax and his Guard have an off-to-the-side back-and-forth that betrays Trax for the overbearing, obloquious official that he is:

  • Trax- Enough! You'll not sidetrack me with your cursed tales again. I'm smarter than you think!
  • Guard- (snicker)
  • Trax- Shutup, you! Latrine duty beckons... that's better... I'm not your friend, Jansen!
  • Guard- (You're not anyone's friend.)
  • Trax- Oh, that's it! Do you enjoy guarding used chamber pots?
  • Guard- Sorry, sir.
  • Trax-'ve made a dangerous enemy.
  • Guard- Who's the dangerous enemy?
  • Trax- I am, you idiot! Move it! Back to the office!