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Trax, Officer of the Revenue and Taxation Board, portrait from the PPE Mod

Trax is an officer from the Amnian Revenue and Taxation Board in the city of Athkatla during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He is only found after talking to Jan Jansen for the first time in the Government District.

I trust all is well?

Jan is selling products without permission. If you agree to see what he is selling, Trax and Trax's Guard will arrive to arrest Jan for illegal sales and tax evasion. After the two talk, Trax asks just "who might you be?" which gives the Gorion's Ward two basic options (the third leading back to his original question):

  1. Cooperate by answering "I am CHARNAME, an adventurer." This leads to Trax's next question on whether Jan was trying "to sell you illegal merchandise?" Again, the Ward can answer belligerently (option #3) which may lead to hostilities, or choose a more peaceful route:
    1. Replying "about the weather," makes Trax furious, but he lacks proof and releases Jan. The party receives 8,500 XP for covering for Jan.
    2. Or answer "Yes, sir. He tried to sell me a flasher" and Jan is arrested. Trax's reward is 100gp which can either be Accepted or Refused. Both options update the Journal with a Companion Quest entry under, Free Jan Jansen from prison.
      1. Accept the gold and the party receives it, while Jan pleads with the Ward to break him out of prison.
      2. Refuse to accept the gold, because the Jan doesn't deserve this, and Trax will tell you to follow him to The Prison to pay Jan's fine of 800gp.
      3. In either case, talking to the Prison Keeper gives three basic choices
        1. Don't pay the fine, and Jan remains in prison.
        2. Pay the full 800gp and Jan is released, and offers to join the party.
        3. Say the party doesn't have that much gold. The Prison Keeper gives a humorous reply, and even offers to loan 200gp towards the fine to get the gnome out of his jail. Take this route, then pay him back, and the party is rewarded with 2,000 XP.
  2. Tell Trax it's "none of your business." Continuing to answer rudely, and refusing to answer any of his questions, causes Trax to eventually ask if you "wish to be executed for not cooperating?" Either answer him peacefully, or he shall summon reinforcements to kill the party, which might include Cowled Enforcers, Amnian Centurions, Amnian Legionaries, and/or others. Before the battle starts, the party suffers an immediate -4 Reputation loss for not cooperating with the Amnian Authorities. After the battle, Jan will talk again, giving another opportunity to recruit him. For more detail about Recruitment, see Jan's page.