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Travin is a thief found at night (hour 22+) standing in north part of the Athkatla Slums District. Travin can only be found after taking on Another Mission for the Temple.

'Ere you, what do you want? Can't a man walk the streets at night without bein' bothered? Get off.

After his initial dialog, it doesn't matter which option (1 or 2) you choose, you get the same response:

"W-what of it? You... you from them Talassans?"

Dialog options for Gorion's Ward are based on alignment:

  • Any: Of course. Tell me what your fee is and I'll make sure you get it.
  • Evil: Talos sends me to take what is to be his. Give it to me now or suffer!
  • Good: I am the coming light of justice, a servant of Lathander in this matter!

Asking what the fee is and Travin replies:

"I ain't gonna wait for payment. Now or never, that was the deal. 400 gold or no ring."

  1. If you make the mistake of giving him 400gp he'll tell you to speak to Borinall, but cannot give you the ring, as Travin does not have it. Naturally, you can reply angrily about "sensing a scam," threaten him for the ring. and demand "return my gold" but he'll say the following before trying to escape.
    • "No way, it's mine, fair and square. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have ripped off a church. Fanatics are dangerous! I'm gettin' out of here!"
    • If you're quick, you can cut him down before he disappears to retrieve your gold and his meager possessions.
  2. Both Option 2 "hand it over now" and Option 3 "I was not told of this large price" have the same answer:
    • "Hey, can't blame me for trying to make a buck. Go to the red brick house on the roof of the Copper Coronet. Speak to Borinall, he's the man. I'm just the contact."

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