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Tralithan is a member of the Iron Throne who is found on the second floor of the Headquarters during chapter seven. He will approach the party upon sight and initiate dialogue. He'll provide information that will begin to or continue to fill in the pieces as to what Sarevok is really trying to accomplish. When the conversation is over he will leave and disappear.


Oh, wonderful. I recognize you from the descriptions given. You are the one accused of murdering our leaders, are you not? I suppose you are here to exact revenge or some such? Well, we are already defeated by one of our own and do not need you. You would do better to focus your efforts on Sarevok, rather than beating up those already beaten.

Why would he turn his back on the Iron Throne?

Because he was never interested in us in the first place. The iron shortage was to be an elaborate plan to gain power in the region. It was to strain relations with Amn, thus reducing the activity of the Knights of the Shield and ultimately reducing trade with them through "legitimate" means. We would step up to monitor the sanctions, and pocket hefty sums in the process. Such was the plan, but Sarevok apparently had other ideas.

What ideas? What do you know of his plans?

I know his methods, but I do not understand what he hopes to accomplish. Likely he assassinated Duke Entar so he could step in, but political gain does not seem to be his goal. He would have had plenty of economic power as head of the Iron Throne, but money was not his concern either. He seems more interested in prolonging the tensions with Amn, though what a war would get him, I do not know. We are no longer in a position to profit from it. What do I care, I just want to leave before we're turned over to the guard. Goodbye.


  • While Tralithan is equipped with a Composite Longbow and even some Arrows of Ice, he isn't given any script that would have him use the bow in a fight. The Long Sword is in his inventory and is of no use during combat.
  • Although it can be reasonably assumed from the dialogue that Tralithan is a member of the Iron Throne, he carries a Bandit Scalp in his inventory.