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Town Crier - portrait from the PPE Mod

The Athkatla Town Crier (aka Neckeith) can be found in all city districts except for the Graveyard during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

He reports on the latest goings-on, not only within the city of Athkatla and the nation of Amn, but also from neighboring nations and lands as far and away as Maztica.


  • When asking "about Candlekeep or word from the Gate?" he reports, "Nothing new since the plague of iron, kolbold. But who is interested in affairs north when it all happens south? Hmmm? Let's foreclose on this topic now."


  • "Visit the Town Crier for the word on the Athkatla's streets! Every morn I rise and shine feeling fine, ready to spread stories only as tall as your last deal!"
  • "When you hear the bustle of barter break on yon horizon, I shall be on my soapbox, preaching from the true book. Good business."
  • "Brought to you by the Mithrest: 'When it's time for the best it's time for Mithrest, Athkatla's finest!' Tell them I sent you and get no benefit whatsoever!"

News of the World[]

  • "Awaken ye to the song of the sea! The story was delivered by pearl! The council abandons hope on getting back Riatavin and Trailstone! Hear all about it! It's a blight on Amnian commerce!" To find out more, just ask and he'll follow up with, "The Merchants' Chosen of Riatavin took the money, split the difference, and bit the hand that fed them all in one fell swoop! Now Riatavin is still bitter over its red ink in the Maztica deal. Riatavin's merchants are denying Amnian access to trade routes in their territory! This showdown promises to yield a mountain of gossip, rumor and lies before it plays out its final act! Someone is going to take a fine delivery!"
  • "Here ye! More news of the scurrilous Sythillisian's Empire! Horrors abound as the legions of evil march on Imnescar!" Tell me more of this scourge, crier. "The ogre mage bitch Cyrvisnea marches on Imnescar with coalitions of kobolds and gripes of goblins! The Twin Towers forces lay in lurking wait! Just before dawn, the scourge strikes from the darkness! By highsun, the second army arrives! By day's end, the town lays in ruins! The only survivor of the unholy humanoid wrath is Hydcont Hall, where the citizenry flee the plague of evil!"


  • While each District's Crier may have its own coloration, all districts share the same Creature File TownC01.cre.



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