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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
The Tower of Deception mod is an older quest mod that provides a self-contained small adventure to a tower out at sea.


The original author is no longer maintaining it, but other modders have updated it, made it compatible with Enhanced Edition and EET, and keep it available on Github to download. Please note that there is also an unofficial repository on github: the Infinity Mods download linked in the infobox should be considered the authoritative version.


The Mod begins in the Crooked Crane Inn in Athkatla. Speak with Tian the Mage in the Inn's main pub area. Tian will ask for help and attempt to hire your Party to obtain a special Spellbook owned by an Arch Mage named Ustrain. If you accept, then the adventure will begin, and you will be transported to a shore area where a Captain Kergo will ferry you to a small Island - on which sits the Tower of Deception. Your quest and hunted book are inside, somewhere.

Optional sequel (separate mod component) "Encounter with Ustrain". The owner of the tower tracks the party down after some time and ambushes them during rest. The sequel is just a high-level tactical encounter that may give the party excessive XP and some powerful (overpowered for some) loot. The sequel does not add content to the plot otherwise.

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