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Tolmas Bendelia is an influential local merchant who is involved in one of the problem's-to-be-solved cut scenes that take place if Gorion's Ward has met the class qualifications to take on the liberated de'Arnise Keep as a stronghold.

You! You there! Are you the one who has replaced Lord de'Arnise in this land?! I demand immediate restitution for this... this outrage!

The Angry Merchant[]

Mister Bendelia is a might bit upset that his latest caravan was waylaid by bandits. He has the temerity to demand restitution, or he shall forswear traveling through the surrounding lands again, which will limit the availability of goods for the locals. It appears that he is also a substantial lender of sorts to numerous farms throughout the region and threatens to foreclose on all the farms that he holds a deed to.

Solving the problems by spending gold will make the locals happy and gain the party XP, while ignoring the issue will give the locals pause and they may begin to contemplate revolt.


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