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Tizzak is human thief who used to be a member of the Shadow Thieves until he was recruited by Bodhi. He was somehow caught by the Shadow Thieves and has been locked in the prison room located on the first floor of Aran Linvail's Hideout. He will provide information on how to access Linvail's inner sanctum in your quest to kill Linvail, if you have decided to side with Bodhi to start Chapter 3.

He carries a single page "journal" that will also describe how to reach Aran's inner sanctum, probably in case he is possibly killed by friendly fire during any fighting that might occur before he is discovered and/or released from the prison room.

After all conversation is finished he will leave and disappear.


— speaking to you through the prison room door: "You've been sent by Bodhi, haven't you? Kill that cursed torturer and free me! Booter has the keys! I'll tell you everything I know!' — once the door is opened: "Praise Mask! Thank you for freeing me. My former guild isn't as friendly as I had hoped it would be."

You must be the Tizzak that Bodhi mentioned.
"I am, and well met! I used to be a Shadow Thief until Bodhi recruited me. My loyalty only goes as far as the power of my employer goes. Bodhi has sent you to kill Aran Linvail?"
Yes, she has. How can I get to his inner sanctum?
"Aran's inner sanctum is protected by two magical doors. They can be neither picked nor bashed. You shall have to find a button for the first and a key for the second."
"The button can be found somewhere to the north, at the end of a heavily trapped hallway."
"As to the key, I know not where it is, but I do know that Aran's most trusted advisor is a wizard called Haz. He might have a key if he is in the compound."
"I am somewhat worse for wear, so I shall have to take my leave of you. Best of luck, and thanks for saving me."


  • It is possible to pick his pockets before he leaves at the conclusion of the dialogue. Place a party member with the best pickpocket ability in the doorway to block his escape. This will give you multiple attempts to get the scroll and an item of average random treasure too.
  • Or you can plain ol' kill him for a measly 175 XP before he disappears.

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