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The Tiefling (Thief) is encountered in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze when traveling through a portal to the Watcher's Keep – Aesgareth (AR3015) area.

Shut your bone-box, berk. Speak to the cambion if you wish anything.


This servant of the cambion Aesgareth is neutral when first encountered. It is possible to converse with the tiefling if desired, although discussion is limited in scope.

This tiefling is a male thief with an Assassin kit that will favor melee attacks, from invisibility if possible.

The creature wields a Long sword +3 in the main hand, and a Dagger +2 in the off hand.

This thief will try and attain invisibility at the outset of battle, and routinely use a Potion of Invisibility before and after it attacks or if he has been revealed by divination magic/skill.

The thief is scripted to first select mage class characters for targeting once it is invisible.

It can also attempt to hide using its averaged Hide in Shadows/Move Silently skill, but it will move away from the nearest enemy it can detect before trying. The hide script may trigger even when the the creature is still neutral, and the party may notice this creature disappearing and reappearing from view on a sporadic basis before any hostilities begin.

If the tiefling is wounded to 50% of its hit points, it will consume a Potion of Superior Healing and can do this more than once.

Trying to steal from this thief is possible, but the party rogue will be penalized by this creature's own skill level, which is 135%. Failure will turn the cambion and tieflings hostile.


The creature has an assigned assassin kit, but the creature file is not coded to correctly apply the kit's passive bonuses. The creature will not Backstab with a X6 damage modifier, but a X5 modifier as a normal thief.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this creature slightly with a new Assassin AI script for improved tactical awareness.

SCS changes the creature's weapon proficiencies to 1 pip in long sword and 1 pip in single-weapon fighting style. It also gets rid of the Dagger +2, and no longer has any two-weapon fighting going on.

SCS also adds scripted use of the Poison Weapon skill and adds all the passive assassin kit modifiers necessary for the creature to implement the kit's abilities.

If the Rogue Rebalancing mod is installed (with or without SCS), this assassin will get a +1 Backstab damage multiplier, and use of the mod's Assassin Poison and Death Attack skills.

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