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The Tiefling (Cleric) is encountered in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze when traveling through a portal to the Watcher's Keep – Aesgareth (AR3015) area.

I just want out of here. Heard nothin' good about the Prime.


This female servant of the cambion Aesgareth is neutral when first encountered. It is possible to converse with the tiefling if desired, although discussion is limited in scope.

This Tiefling is a cleric that will favor divine spell casting as its first choice in combat but can still lay a few licks with its mace.

The creature wields the Skullcrusher for melee combat, and a Sling +1 and Bullet +3 ammunition for missile fire.

If made hostile, the cleric will be able to initiate a chain of protective spells.

Her scripted spell casting actions are summarized in the InfoBox.

If this cleric survives initial contact, expect a Creeping Doom or Insect Plague attempt at the beginning stage of the battle.

This cleric is scripted to help allies at certain wounded status thresholds and if they are shouting for assistance.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this creature moderately with a new smarter AI script for improved targeting and situational awareness. The mod raises the cleric's XP level to 25. Just about every divine spell is in this cleric's spell casting repertoire. Spells are cast at target's who generally aren't immune or protected. A substitute target or another spell is utilized if a target is immune.

Will self-protect with an extensive blanket of spell buffs, including: Blade Barrier, Armor of Faith, Magic Resistance (spell), Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Physical Mirror, Energy Blades (priest), Free Action (spell), and Chaotic Commands.

An Aerial Servant will also be summoned right away, and possibly aimed to manifest next to a party member.

The cleric is scripted to recognize damaged allies and heal them and or self and try to cure certain status effects. Cloud spells may be blown away with Zone of Sweet Air.

Depending on the player's mod difficulty selection, the cleric can attempt Summon Fallen Deva and Implosion.

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