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A Thug is a general term for "Swindler" or "Thief." Thugs are often organized into a gang of professional thieves and assassins, or as hired "Tuffs." Therefore, any creature named "Thug" might be encountered in any number of areas during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Stay back, or you'll regret it. All right! You and me! Let's go!

Except for a one-time encounter in the Slums, these particular Thugs are only encountered regularly at the Athkatla Docks. They spawn forth from the streets, or from the Storehouse next to the Shadow Thief Guildhall in the company of the Ruffian Captain and a Mugger to roam the docks, terrorizing and robbing any passers-by.


These Thugs are dual-classed level 7/7 Fighter/Thieves, of Chaotic Evil Alignment worth 200 XP. They are protected by Studded Leather and a good Dexterity (-2 AC bonus), and can either melee with a Short Sword or attack at range with a Light Crossbow and mundane Bolts (×20). They carry Average Random Treasure.



  • Despite being thieves in class, these thugs do not have any thief skills (all are set to 0).