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For the version of the tavern in Baldur's Gate, see Three Old Kegs.

The Three Old Kegs is one of five accessible areas within the city of Baldur's Gate, during the opening chapter of Siege of Dragonspear.


The surrounding streets are awash with a mix of refugees and ruffians, while the cities overstretched Flaming Fist guards do their best to maintain order.

Both the main streets and back alleys have the potential for trouble, holding a fight in one and the aftermath of one in the other.

Ground floor[]

From the main foyer, a grand staircase leads to the upper floors, whilst a selection of bars dominate the remainder of this floor.

The barmaid Katheera might be able to assist you with a dry throat should that be your desire, while two parties of sailors, led by Lucilla and Autinn respectively, have the potential to cause trouble for Nantrin Bellowglyn, should you allow it.

First floor[]

This large open dining room abuts the kitchen, where the cook favors the use of shallots over onions.

During some stages of My Missed Fortune, a party of refugees is partaking in a feast.

Second floor[]

A wide central hallway here, allows entrance to four large bedrooms, housing a number of guests, including former companions Minsc and Dynaheir.

In another, three city nobles, Lord Therton, Lady Araya and Lord Maxwell, plot the downfall of the cities council of four.

In the last room you can talk and convince a beautiful woman, Delenda, to give you her Laeral's Tear Necklace or engage her bodyguard in a less romantic encounter.



  • Aileen lurks in a rear alleyway in a less than lawful situation.
  • Asery, Dirla, Golt, and Lluis are local toughs, planning no good with their cronies.
  • Berahli, Hastus, Ozil may be found on the second floor during a certain quest.
  • Charra a barmain found near the main entrance.
  • Delenda the noblewoman can be found in her room on the third floor, sometimes attended by her bodyguard Bartleby.
  • Ithtyl Calantryn is a serving woman and part-time enforcer, found on the first floor.
  • Katheera one of the barmaids on the ground floor.
  • Lady Araya, Lord Maxwell, and Lord Therton can be seen in their room on the third floor in hushed conversation.
  • Nantrin Bellowglyn the Three Old Kegs publican.
  • Robel can be found outside the street entrance with a rather hoarse throat.

Notable Loot[]