• I am working on the BG EE on the switch, and I got Imoen to choose scimitar as her next weapon as a thief 4th level. I tried to put a scimitar in her hand, but she will not accept it in either of her quick weapon slots. Does anyone know why? 

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    • Scimitar has a strength requirement of 10

      Imoen has a strength of 9 without any modification.

      PS - 

      If you use the Tome of Strength on her (BG1), she will still have a strength of 9 in BG2, without modification (EE Keeper, Console, Mods, etc.).

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    • Thank you, I thought i was going mad. Makes perfect sense now. I tried to reduce encumbrance as well, but did not think about stat requirements. I will think about what to give her instead. Any suggestions?

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    • There are no short supply of short swords in the game that Imoen can make excellent use of... I doubt any of them have a strength requirement of 10 or higher.

      I always think of scimitars as being for Drizz't & Druids only, lol.  It's really personal preference... If you're going to continue BG2 SoA & ToB, Imoen makes an excellent mage and her melee becomes mostly irrelevant in any case.  If you're sticking to BG1 only & actually want to use her for stuff like backstabbing etc & stay pure thief... idk, I don't think you can backstab with long swords & scimitars either, although I'm not positive about that.  You can give her a strength tome, just realize it's a lost resource others can make better use of.

      If you're going to mod her, I would make her strength 12-16 (not for any melee improvements, simply I'm too lazy to find traps & pick locks with her, only to have to come around with another character to actually LOOT the container).  That's what I did, but again, personal preference is king.  I've literally, never once, in all my BG games combined, performed a single backstab attempt... lol... so I might not be the best advisor on what to do with a Thief...

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