• Minor Sequencer no longer shows up in my "abilities" tab & thus cannot be used.

    On the wizard spellbook screen under contingencies, Imoen, Main(Charname), & Aerie all have active minor spell sequencers (& hence can't "recast" them), yet, cannot actually use them.

    I first noticed this on my Main (CN) around level 19 Wiz.  For a short time period Imoen & Aerie could use M.S.S., but CN could not.  Not long after that Imoen turned 19 Wiz and her MSS stopped functioning in the same manor.  Curiously, Aerie is only Wizard level 14 and her MSS doesn't work any longer either, but, for a brief time she had access to it while the other 2 did not.  In terms of total overall experience from most to least, as follows, CN, Imoen, & Aerie.  I find this curious & annoying.

    Not that I think it matters, but CN & Imoen had 2 magic missiles, while Aerie had 1 MM & Doom.

    Any theories on how / why, this might have occurred?

    Any theories on possible fixes / workaround for this? (excluding console, but including EE Keeper)

    It's not a big deal really, but, I'm mostly just annoyed by it.

    Thanks for any thoughts / opinions on the issue in advance. =)

    PS -

    Also, not sure if it matters, but, I'm on Chapter 6, I've defeated Bodhi, but haven't gone to the elves yet.  I'm currently clearing out the portal maze portion of Watcher's Keep.

    All three mages took extra spell slot 6 for HLA 1 & ESS 7 for HLA 2.  Aerie got Mass Raise dead on her cleric side. (again doubtful of relevance, but unclear on casuality???)

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    • This is bizarre.  This issue continues to 'escalate'... I'm now higher level & continuing the saga into ToB, now my 6th level Sequencer spells are beginning to bug out.  Imoen & Main both bugged out, but after I gained Pocket Plane ability, Main for whatever reason got the option to cast it and so far has retained use of the spell.  At this point I'm mainly just using spell trigger anyway, but geez, if spell trigger bugs out in this manner (prince bride) "I shall be very put out!".

      Anyone ever experience this before?  Is there a way to remove the "active" sequencers with EE keeper... I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable with the program. =(

      They both still have Minor Spell Sequencers 'active', but that do not appear in the abilities tab & are unuseable, yet, also cannot be re-cast.  INCONCEIVABLE!

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    • Awesome... as if the mere mention of it were enough to curse me... *sigh*, now SPELL TRIGGER is similarly glitched... *eye rolls* ugh...

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