• Does anyone know where to find Nalia after being dismissed from the group? (short version)

    I completed all of her companion & side quests in chapter 2.  Assumed Lordship over the keep and all.

    However, she was my impromptu "Imoen" until chapter 4.  I dismissed her in the dungeon below Spellhold.  There was only the option for her to "stay here until I return for you."  I could've sent Imoen to the Copper Coronet & continued with Nalia, but, I was counting on Imoen as the end game companion did not want Imoen to miss all the experience between chapters 4, 5, & 6.

    I had assumed she would eventually time out & return to the Copper Coronet or perhaps De' Arnise keep, but, I'm unsure on where to find her.  (It's not super important, I was just curious, if anyone knew; TLDR version)


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    • I'm afraid she still waits in Spellhold. :/

      I don't know if you can summon her again in ToB.

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