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    Baldur's Gate III has been announced – and it will become part of our wiki!

    The base page has been created, and though not many facts are known, yet, there's a lot that can be added – to the article itself or as new pages.
    Find inspiration by watching the related videos, add your knowledge about the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rule set, update already existing pages like e.g. the Mind Flayer, get creative!

    The game has a dedicated board for pre-release discussions – here is more the place for things directly related to the wiki.

    Probably due to the announcement, the Baldur's Gate Wiki had twice as much page views on June 9 as it had on June 5, the day before it. Our wiki activity score has risen to 48 in the category "games" – a new record!
    So there seem to be many people around who look for information, and I'm sure, a lot of you can also give information. The community awaits and welcomes you!

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