• I have finished BG1 main quest and started the Siege of Dragonspear. But I now realized I did not do the side quests that were added in BG1 EE (Ulgoth's Beard and Durlag's Tower).

    Is there anything I can do to go back in BG1 EE and do these quests without loosing all the work and time spent in the Siege of Dragonspear?

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    • Those are two different campaigns, such as Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal in BGII. I very much doubt that this is possible. Try via console to teleport to Ulgoth's Beard …

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    • I was a little wrong: you can access those areas, but only via console – the World Map from e.g. Ulgoth's Beard is the SoD map. So, I suggest the following:

      • Visit an area where you're awaiting no surprises – an inn, a house, e.g.
      • Note the area code (type x in-game to get it shown) of this location, so you can get back after you're done.
      • Make a backup savegame, just in case.
      • Open the console (perhaps some file editing necessary; described on the article) and type in C:MoveToArea("AR1000") (that's Ulgoth's Beard).
      • The islands are reached via teleports – you need no commands for those.
      • If you want to take Ike's Guided Tour first, then you can reach Durlag's Tower via the console command C:MoveToArea("AR0500").
      • For the Sea Charts, hop directly into the Merchants' League Counting House via C:MoveToArea("AR0300").
      • And with the same commands you can always travel between these and finally back to SoD.

      I don't know if this will confuse the variables in your save, though, but I guess not.

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    • Thanks a lot for all this info. Is there a better order in which I should attempt these quest?

      But my main problem at this moment it that I can not find the "Baldur.ini file (located in the BG installation directory)."  Even by using the search tool. ???  Could it be because of the Steam platform I'm using?

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    • On the other hand, I have found the "Baldur.lua" file although I did not buy the BD 2 yet??

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    • Console#BG(2): EE is the section of the article you need (I know, headers there are a little … oddly named).

      My preferred order of Tales of the Sword Coast content:

      1. (After the escape from Candlekeep – to vanish from the scene for a while; not important for you right now, though ;)
      2. Ulgoth's Beard. Talk to all people there for quests and – if this doesn't mismatch your role-playing – book Ike's Guided Tour.
        • Be careful with Shandalar, however, because he might immediately teleport you to the Ice Island, depending on dialogue choices and – as I think – reaction.
        • Retrieve Shandalar's Cloak would still be the first quest to do from here: the dungeon you're teleported to is a bit annoying (very similar layout to the Firewine Ruins) and the quest itself boring; also no really good loot (personal opinion).
      3. You don't need the two wardstones that are offered to you in the village – they only block two inventory slots.
      4. The quest for knowledge, given to you by Mendas, might intended to be the second "main" quest of this content (includes traveling on the world map; feels bigger; Ike's off to the tower, waiting for you), but I usually do this before Durlag's Tower – that one is my favorite dungeon of the game and holds much more and better loot than the sea journey, so I save it for last. And regarding time: the tower's also a very large and multiple levels dungeon, and might in fact be even bigger.
        1. So, after returning from the Ice Island (and having had a rest and merchandise) and having spoken to Mendas, it's time to get the Sea Charts … I've made a mistake there above, about the area code of the Merchants' League Counting House: it's actually C:MoveToArea("AR0307"). If you want to retrieve them peacefully and as intended: you can jump into the Blushing Mermaid via C:MoveToArea("AR0114") to get De'Tranion's Baalor Ale. Then back to the Counting House (upper floor is C:MoveToArea("AR0308")), then back to the Beard (C:MoveToArea("AR1000")) and Mendas.
        2. The sea journey and your return don't need the world map: all area transitions there are made automatically or locally.
        3. After this, you don't want to have Ike waiting any longer to start his tour: empty your inventory of unneeded stuff and travel to Durlag's Tower (C:MoveToArea("AR0500")). You find a merchant there; I can't tell you currently what he's not buying but if I remember correctly, he's not able to identify items. All area transitions inside the tower don't need the world map again. But you might want to travel to the Nashkel Carnival on occasion, to clean up your inventory (or for item identification): C:MoveToArea("AR4900").
        4. Before returning to Ulgoth's Beard (C:MoveToArea("AR1000")) after you've cleared the tower, some inventory space and a rest are useful.

      Two notes about using this console command:

      1. Always see that you've selected the whole party and they're not currently occupied doing some scripted stuff, as casting spells or something.
      2. You can browse through your latest 10 commands by using the up- and down-arrow keys in the console – no need for always typing in the whole code.
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    • Thank you again for all this helpful info. It all seems to work so far.

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