• I've been working on missing class kits and found out that there are two models for those articles being followed: Swashbuckler and Undead Hunter. I like the latter more, as it is more comprehensive, all-in-one overview of class features (tables included), while the former does not include tables and needs the core class table to be opened in a separate tab for reference, but is cleaner and does not repeat the same info over and over (I guess?)

    So, what do you think? Which model do you like more? You can see my last edit on class kits here.

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    • That indeed worth the consideration, right now the main class pages are like all-in-one, and fortunately works good. There’re several approaches of this matter, to get rid of the redundancy of content copying:

      • Keep the main class pages as they are, this will kill the necessarity of the class kit pages to some extent, save for dual-, multi pages, which are currently lacking content
      • Separation of class kit info, move them into their pages only, and leave only the links in the main class pages. This way may seem clear at first, but what about unkitted classes, where to put their info and what’s the relationships between them and class kit pages?
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    • The way I see it, keeping a list of advantages/disadvantages of choosing a kit on the main class page does indeed work well. These sections are short and mirror the manual, helping one get an idea on kit selection quicker.

      However the separate kit pages still have some merit if someone wants to take the extra step and go into the detail. I think that the infoboxes are very useful in that respect, as for example Kensais are so different than vanilla Fighters that the fighter's infobox is almost inapplicable to them. There are also other things that cannot be discovered "at a first glance" in the base class section. I would give the Shapeshifter as an example - being able to turn into a Werewolf at will sounds awesome, but only after one checks the in-depth stats, it becomes clear that the shapeshifter is among the worst classes.

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    • Yes, you have a point. And since both types of pages have their own advantages, multiple copies of some info seems inevitable, for now, at least, unless we can come to another solution such as using templates, but that’ll come (much) later.

      For the class kit format, I also think the latter (Undead Hunter) case is better and in consistency with main class pages, that is not to say the Swashbuckler page is bad though, because most of its content below the Comparisons header, is actually Gameplay, which is one of the adventages of having dedicated kit pages: to extend the in-depth detals of it without worrying about ending up in a very long page.

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