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Thrall, an Elf Mage controlled by a worn Thrall Collar, seeks to protect the Warden's Pet - PPE Mod portrait

This Elf Thrall Mage is found alongside the human Female Thrall on the far east side of the Planar Prison.

What is this? What is this? Are the prisoners escaping?!

With her Thrall Collar equipped, she has no choice but to do as the Master of Thralls bids her; protect the Warden's pet Wyvern at all costs. As such, she is hostile on-sight and attacks the party immediately.

"We must protect the Warden's pet! Yes! He will be ever so angry if anything happens to his favorite! Away with you, prisoners! Return to your cells or the Warden will be most displeased!"

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  • Although she has a proficiency in blunt weapons, she has neither a quarterstaff, nor any other melee weapons. She must rely solely on her spells.