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The Thief (guile card) is encountered in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze when traveling through a portal to the Watcher's Keep – Aesgareth (AR3015) area.

Beg for death, and I'll make it quick!


This thief class creature is conjured by the Guile (card), which can be drawn by a party member in the second round of play with Aesgareth and his deck of many things.

A total of six identical thieves are conjured all at once by the card.

The thief has a halfling race, but it has a shadow thief (human) sprite. The thief also has an assassin kit assigned.

The creature is not configured to get any modifiers or benefits from the halfling race such as the "Shorty" saving throw modifiers or the Assassin kit's passive bonuses.

For all intents, the creature is just a thief class, with a potential X5 Backstab damage modifier.

The thief employs a Short Sword +2 with the main hand, and a Dagger +2 in the off-hand, striking twice per round.

This creature is scripted to quaff a Potion of Invisibility after appearing in the area, then attacking the nearest party member it can detect, most likely a backstabbing opportunity.

After it becomes visible by attacking with its short sword and dagger, it will consume another potion, and repeat. It can do this five times, as it has five potions.

When all the potions of invisibility are expended, the thief can consume a Potion of Extra Healing if the creature is below 50% of its original HP.

Although the creature is conjured by a spell effect, it isn't categorized as a summoned creature, and therefore isn't affected by a Death Spell or banishment.

All of the thief's gear can be recovered after it is defeated.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this creature slightly.

First, it starts off being invisible upon arrival.

SCS gets rid of the off-hand dagger use, and that weapon is removed from the creature.

A random scroll is added to the creature's inventory. The scroll may be a spell from the SCS Icewind Dale component, or one from the IWDification mod if paired with SCS.

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