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Theshal is a unique ghoul and "Mayor" of Ghoul Town beneath The Old Tunnels during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

I...I am the mayor of thisss town. Theshal isss my name. We havesss built it and we triesss to be good...triesss to be ssscivilized...


Mayor Theshal can only be found after gaining Gaal's Key and the first Rift Device part, and then speaking with Sassar to get the passphrase for Tad to open the way down to the bottom of the Pit of the Faithless during the side quest to Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless.


When you first find Theshal, he is neutral.

"Hsss! Why do you come amongst usss? I begsss you to leave! The sssmell...the sssmell of food makesss usss wild!"

You might have only a limited chance to ask questions before the Mayor loses his very limited self-control and turns hostile.[1] "You...try to be civilized? But you feed on corpses!"

"We isss fed from the hole...they throwsss the meat to usss. We mussst eat! But we triesss not to eatsss the living! I triesss to teach the ghoulsss to be good, to have town likesss the living!"

"Try not to eat the living? Well, I'll try not to kill you when I thrust my sword through your undead heart!"

"HsssSSS!! Feed! We mussst FEED!!"

"Tell us where the passage to the beholder lair is and I'll be out of your hair quickly enough."

"You...wantsss to sssee the Great Feeder?"

"The...Great Feeder? If you're referring to the one who throws you down all the dead bodies then, yes, I suppose so."

"The...the Great Feeder isss beyond the bridge, he isss...we goesss there to ssserve him and cleansss him..."


Theshal attacks by melee touch attacks only, with these strikes similar to either a Ghast or Greater Ghoul. Saves must be made vs Breath and Death, respectively, for its other effects: +2 THAC0 penalty (33 rounds) and Paralyzed (7 rounds).[2] Theshal has all the usual undead immunities afforded by his undroppable RING95.ITM (see InfoBox, right).[3]

Notable Loot[]

Theshal wears the Skin of the Ghoul, which is Leather Armor +4, with a Base AC of 4, and -3 bonus to saving throws vs paralyzation, poison and death. . . none of which are actually needed. Theshal's Base AC without the armor is 2, and he is already immune to paralysis, poison and slay. However, it still grants Theshal the -3 bonus against anything else requiring a Save vs. Death.



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