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It's a bad business. A terrible business, all of it.[1]

The War At Home is a quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, available in the Ducal Palace during chapter seven.

The goal of this quest is to cheer up Jospil, a member of the Flaming Fist who is demoralized by all the recent events going on in Baldur's Gate and along the Sword Coast.


After your meeting with the ruling council of Baldur's Gate, Jospil can be found standing near Duke Eltan, though he will also wander the area. Speaking to him once begins the quest. No matter what you say, he will be too depressed to continue conversation and will need a moment to compose himself.

When you speak to Jospil a second time, the resulting conversation will determine the resolution to the quest, based on how much you are able to brighten his mood. There are three topics to discuss. The questions you can ask him after discussing a certain topic do not affect anything and only provide additional background info. When you tell him "I have another question," you'll be given an opportunity to cheer him up and return to the main conversation tree to talk about something else. Running through the same topic again will not give you another opportunity to cheer him up, so you will need to say the right thing the first time.

When you tell him "farewell," regardless of how many topics you have discussed, you will receive a reward based on your previous answers and the quest will be complete.

Where reports are coming from[]

Response Mood Notes
The dukes call upon the best and strongest the land has to offer. We will thwart the crusade. +1
To believe yourself helpless is to admit defeat before the battle is fought. Have faith in your own abilities, and you will prevail. +2 Only available if the player is a monk
It might seem so now. I still hope to see the situation resolved in our favor. +0
Such thoughts help no one. Pull yourself together. +2

Who is responsible[]

Response Mood Notes
Perhaps Caelar knows something we don't. Who's to say the crusade won't do some good in the world? +0
As a priest, I know faith can be powerful and sometimes irrational. But I believe we can turn these misguided souls away from their mistress. +2 Only available if the player is a cleric
Changing the minds of those with a cause isn't easy, but I intend to save as many souls as I can. +2
They're zealots at best, fools at worst. We must break the crusade before more people die. +1

Why there are so many refugees[]

Response Mood Notes
Dwelling on it keeps you from taking action here. Honor them by not giving in to despair! +2
Many ballads have been composed by those separated from family and friends in time of war. Let me sing you one. +2 Only available if the player is a bard
I'll do everything I can to end this crusade. You and your brothers will be reunited, if they yet live. +1
It's better if you believe they're dead. False hope only makes you weak. +0 Ends conversation with no reward


Mood Score Reward
0 to 1 100 XP
2 to 4 250 XP, Brevin's Quarterstaff +1
5+ 500 XP, Brevin's Quarterstaff +1, Buckler +1
  • As noted above, telling Jospil to assume his friends are dead is so upsetting to him that he will stop talking to you and you will receive no reward, even if you had given encouraging responses earlier.


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