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The Visage is an item that is given to Dorn as a reward by Ur-Gothoz during the course of his companion quest if he decides to kill Azothet (empowering the Abyssal Blade) and remain by Ur-Gothoz's side.

The Visage grants +1 bonus to THAC0 and saving throws and immunity to Feeblemind, Confusion, Fear and charm effects. It also allows the wearer to use Domination and Breathe Acid (bypasses magic resistance) once per day. It cannot be used by good characters.

As of the BG2EE patch 2.6, the Acid Breath ability has become party-friendly, something which was not the case pre-2.6.


Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition[]


Few would dare double-cross a fiend, and fewer would attempt to triple-cross one. Dorn Il-Khan, half-orc blackguard from the city of Luskan, was one of the few. Approached by a rival of his demonic patron, he agreed to betray his master. Instead, at a critical juncture, he turned the situation on the rival, binding her into a powerful sword. As a reward, his patron granted him this terrifying mask. The silver mask has a grotesque face distorted into a grimace. When donned, the eyes pulse with a deep red when the wearer speaks, adding to its unsettling presence. It hums with a variety of magical enchantments, inspiring fear in all who gaze upon it.