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The Vanished is a quest obtained in Chapter Eight of Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear


Speak with Herod, a merchant refugee located slightly northeast of the burned inn. Select the conversation topics related to local events and he will indicate people have recently been vanishing and leaving behind all their possessions.


Herod explains that the disappearances started right after Teleria, a female elven mage, arrived at the camp. Upon speaking to Teleria, she will furtively invite the party to talk at a different location; a clearing North-West of the burned inn. There, the party will find her, a Lesser Stone Golem, and five statues.

At this point it is clear that Teleria is, in fact, responsible for the disappearing refugees and there are 3 outcomes possible depending on dialogue choices:

  1. The party may choose to kill her and the golem which will leave behind a Knave's Robe, a Dagger, 20 Throwing Daggers, a random gem, 6 Stone to Flesh scrolls, a Stone Ally statuette with three charges, and 2,000 experience points.
  1. The party may choose to compliment Teleria's "work of art", and buy the golem for later use against the crusade at 1,000 gold, or, with a party-leader's Charisma of at least fourteen, negotiate the price down to 800 gold. The party will gain 300 experience points. The golem will head to the camp on its own and Teleria will walk away.

    Killing Teleria at this point will get 800 experience points, however much gold was spent on the golem, and all the same gear as in choice #1.
  1. The party may choose to procure Teleria a "better subject" than themselves. Teleria will explain that she wants to create a tableau to honour the memory of the great wizard, Artipheon, of which, she needs an armoured soldier and a handsome nobleman, to complete. The nobleman, Vessanal, at the burned inn, and the soldier, Brielle, at camp, may be tricked into heading toward Teleria (Corwin must not be part of the party or she will stop Brielle from heading there.). As the party returns to the clearing to speak with Teleria, they will witness her turning Vessanal and Brielle into statues. Speak to Teleria to complete the quest, and receive a Stone Ally statuette. If Brielle is restored, she will attack the party; killing her nets the party 5 gold, and 650 experience points. Restoring Vessanal gains the party nothing.

Using the Stone to Flesh scrolls taken from Teleria or buying them from Mizhena to restore the five petrified victims will net the party a Bolt of Biting, 2 Elixirs of Health, and a Wand of Magic Missiles from the revived people. Return to Herod to complete the quest and receive either 1,000 gold or +1 Reputation.