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The Trapped Genie is a side encounter (not really a quest, as it has no journal entries) available in chapter 5.

Introduction and gameplay[]

In Ust Natha, at the eastern edge of the entrance platform of the city Also known as the Ust Natha Bazaar, is short staircase descending down to the "Torture platform". Atop the steps is seen the Overseer Handmaiden, whilst below on the platform proper is a trapped Genie, and four drow mages (identified and labelled as "Drow torturer". These drow are periodically casting damage dealing spells at the poor creature, ostensibly as part of some kind of training exercise being administered by the Overseer. Occasional oathes and shouts of pain and protest are audible, as well as laughter and shouts of encouragement from the participating drow mages. This is some kind of organized activity and cruel indeed.


If the party has observed the torture lessons and the cruel plight of the tormented genie, then a decision is needed from the party. The first is to not get involved at all and press on with other business. The party has no obligation to do anything, and there is no pressing quest or timer to do any action.

The party could try and speak with the drow torturer mages, the Overseer Handmaiden or even Dola Fadoon the Genie wracked by pain from a cycle of damaging spells and healing. Perhaps the party wants more information about what exactly is going on.

If you speak with Dola he says:
"Do not torment me with your words, drow. You have no intent of releasing my spirit from this physical prison, I know."

If you speak with any of the four drow torturer mages, they will respond with various curt statements such as:

"The business of my House does not concern you. Go."
"Go away. You will cause no end of trouble if you incite the anger of my overseer."
"You may wish to tempt the wrath of my overseer, but I do not. Leave me be."
"Do not bother me. I must concentrate on the lessons of the overseer."

If you address the Overseer Handmaiden, she'll glare at you and initially spit out:
"Do not disturb our lessons! Benefit can be had from these simple torments."

Further dialogue choices are available to the party after this. Tread lightly, as a Handmaiden of Lolth the Overseer is not accustomed to being questioned by other drow, especially visitors from Ched Nasad and a drow not of her own house. Some dialogue options can lead to making the Handmaiden hostile, which in turn makes the entire city hostile as well. Or the party can have a polite and subservient tone, and back out of the dialogue entirely.


If the party only observes and perhaps gathers some information by speaking with the drow or Genie, and not made anyone hostile, then this encounter can be safely left as is and it is over. The Genie will continue to be tormented.

If on the other hand, the party antagonizes the Overseer, then hostilities will commence, with the entire city as well. If the drow torturers are attacked, the same result will occur.

Or, if the party decides to destroy Dola Fadoon's physical form (by dealing enough damage to the poor creature), then this will release the Djinni from being trapped and it will no longer be captive. The genie's spirit will return to the Elemental Plane of Air. If this is done, a text display will show:
"Freedom! My form crumbles, my spirit free!"

Repercussions of freeing the trapped genie[]

If the party destroys the genie's physical form, they receive the XP reward from "killing" the creature, and the Djinni disappears.

Immediately afterwards, the Overseer Handmaiden will react and demand accountability, she'll likely begin with:
"You dare! Foolish <PRO_MALEFEMALE>! Your clumsy attack has freed our target! What have you to say for yourself?!"

More dialogue options will follow. The party must reply and select statements they choose to go with. The Overseer will make threats and demand recompence.

  • The party can pay restitution for the destroyed Genie, for 4,000 gold. This may be reduced to half that if the party has been assigned a task from Matron Mother Ardulace Despana, and you inform the Overseer that the party is serving House Despana.
  • If the party lacks sufficient funds (the script for this checks the party gold), then the amount owned will be stated and a time limit of one day given to repay the Handmaiden.

Failure to meet any time limits leads to the drow city turning hostile towards the party.

Refusal to make compensation also leads to hostilities. Paying the handmaiden awards 5,000 XP.


Certain dialogue choices won't display due to a coding error False() in the Handmaiden's script. There is a dialogue path present in the files where another beast could be offered to her as compensation (instead of gold) but fails to trigger. This may be included for correction in the planned Enhanced Edition Fix Pack (EEFP). This hasn't been fixed for over twenty years, so there is no guarantee it will be.

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