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The Throne of Bhaal, a planar space somewhere in the void, is where Gorion's Ward confronts Amelyssan the Blackhearted, marking the final step of the Bhaalspawn saga.


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Fan contributor tactics for The Final battle with Amelyssan[]

In Baldur's Gate II Chapter 10 the party will finally be able to face Amelyssan, at The Throne of Bhaal and the Mana Forge in the center of it.

One can also pause the game immediately after the Throne of Bhaal cutscene has played and before she initiates dialogue to set a Spike Trap, which will reduce her health to "injured".

Using a scroll of Protection From Magic on her at the beginning of the battle stops her spell casting, but doesn't prevent her from summoning support.

Shortly after summoning support she will cast Time Stop and then use that time to pummel (and probably kill) one of your characters with physical blows. One way to stop this from happening is to hit her with a guaranteed-damage spell or ability (such as Ring of the Ram or a cleric's Bolt of Glory), shortly after she summons support, in order to disrupt her spell. She likes to cast Stoneskin, but a group of two or three high-level warriors hasted and using Greater Whirlwind can cut through her defenses and take her down quickly. Worth noting: Amelyssan's Stoneskin spell is treated as a Spell Protection, mechanically, rather than a Combat Protection. That means Breach doesn't touch it, but a whole slew of other spells do.

After the first battle, you can lay Spike Traps at the same spot she started at. A maximum of 4 will be enough to win the battle without a fight. If you don't have enough traps to survive all of the battles, have a Clone set the traps for you. If you don't have spike traps, you can use snares instead; they will still damage her, making the battle easier, but won't do enough damage to skip the battle entirely.

If you are in dire need of a rest, there is a way to regain spell slots and daily item abilities while in the final battle. Using the 9th level spell Wish (in conjunction with a Potion of Insight if needed), one can repeatedly wish until the option appears to have the party be restored as if they had rested for 8 hours. This option has a 20% chance to show up, so it is advisable to cast it multiple times from Project Image or Simulacrum, if possible with scrolls of Wish, in order to remove most of the randomness.

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