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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1 mod The Stone of Askavar.

The quest[]

  • Travel to the Area North of Nashkel in chapter 5 or later, to encounter a hostile group led by a Teldorn Agent on the main road near the map center. Defeat them, and loot the letter[1] from the agent's body. It hints at its sender being at the Nashkel carnival.
  • Travel to the Nashkel Carnival, and talk to the bard Cearwin who stands in the bottom-center stalls circle(2650.3400). He tells you that the letter was meant to reach Aranor in Beregost before Teldorn's men intercepted it, and he asks you to make the delivery. Agree.
  • Travel to Beregost, and give the letter to Aranor who stands on the ground floor of the Burning Wizard tavern. He tells you about his Harper project to retrieve a powerful magic stone from Askavar. Agree to help, and he tells you to report back to Cearwin. (You can optionally get him to pay you up to 100gp in advance).
  • Travel to the Nashkel Carnival, and talk to Cearwin again. You get 1,000 XP, 250 gp, a note[2] with information on the talismans needed to access the Stone of Askavar, a magic mirror[3], and the two new areas "Bluebell Wood" and "Dystra's Watch Tower" marked on your worldmap.
    You can now retrieve the five talismans in any order:
    • Travel to the "Bluebell Wood"[4]. Explore this forest, heeding spiders and web traps, to find the hostile wizard Jonell and his two companions near the bottom-left encampment(600.3000). Defeat them, and pick up the talisman[5] from their bodies.
The Stone of Askavar mod necromancer screenshot

the necromancer Peleria

    • Travel to the Area North of Nashkel, and enter the now-accessible cave(1600.3500) on the island of the little lake. In this new underground area[6], make your way past spiders to the left map edge, where the necromancer Peleria attacks you. Defeat her, and loot the talisman[7] off her body.
    • Travel to Beregost, and talk to the beggar Carneth who stands outdoors by the fountain(2700.3000). Correctly answer his riddle[8], and he admits to having the talisman but wants you to procure a special ruby as payment.
    • Enter Feldepost's Inn, and buy the "Dragons heart ruby"[9] from the bartender's store for 3600 gp.
    • Bring it to Carneth, and he gives you his talisman[10].
    • Travel to Beregost, enter the generic home #14(2400.1600) (to the left of the Burning Wizard), and talk to the child Lizzy inside. She says that her sister Rebecca who wore the talisman was kidnapped. Agree to help.
    • Travel to the Beregost Temple outdoors area, and find the hostile Teldorn fighters holding the girl in the bottom-right map corner. Defeat the foes, and then talk to Rebecca to get her talisman[11].
    • OPTIONAL: Report back to Lizzy in her home for 500 XP and 50 gp.
    • Travel to "Dystra's Watch Tower"[12]. Fight your way through Teldorn fighters and lightning bolt traps on the outdoors map, to reach the tower in the center. Enter it.
    • Inside the tower, defeat the hostile wizard Pirn and his companions, and loot the talisman[13] from their bodies.
  • Once you have all five talismans, travel to the Nashkel Carnival and talk to Cearwin again. He gives you 4,000 XP and 750 gp, and directs you to the Stone of Askavar.
  • Travel to the Bandit Camp. In the ruins near the center of the map, there is now a new entrance hidden behind a shrub(2600.2050). Take it to get to an underground room, where you are attacked by Teldorn forces led by the Banite priest Rondan. Defeat them, and loot the Stone of Askavar[14] from their bodies.


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