Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Priest's House is located in the city of Suldanessellar and can first be accessed during Chapter 7.

This house is directly above The House of the Talisman, serving as the second floor of the structure.


Ascend the steps up to the doorway to enter the house.

After entry, the party will observe a cozy elven tree top house with a spa bath, cooking area and lovely furnishings. A deceased male elf lies on the floor. He seems to not have been dead very long. Perhaps this is the "Priest" who lived here. No one in the party can be sure.

If the place is searched, there are five containers within. Found items include a couple of Random treasure types, a scroll of Time Stop and a unusual stone with etched calligraphy. It looks written in elvish and also the common tongue. This is the Elven Priest Stone. The information on here can help solve the Puzzle Box below in the House of the Talisman.