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The Practical Defense +3, also known as Plate Mail +3, was the armor of a dwarf named Bolhur the Clanless, who was the father of Durlag Trollkiller.


The travelling adventurer could ask for no better a suit of armor in all the land. Specially commissioned by Bolhur "Thunderaxe" at GREAT expense, this suit was his most prized, even if not his most ornate. Eminently practical, Bolhur demanded armor that would offer superior protection while hampering him in the least. By "hampering" he did not just mean in movement or weight: his ideal suit should be able to withstand the rigors of his wanderings with little maintenance. This is not to say that Bolhur "Thunderaxe" neglected his armors (to say as such would get your ears boxed) but the regime of spit and polish required for a "gentleman's" suit was beyond his caring. Save the tassels and gilding of Full Plate for kings and heads of state; a working dwarf cares more of utility than looks.


It is the second best body armor available in Tales of the Sword Coast and the Enhanced Edition, after the Plate of the Dark.

However, wearing a non-magical Full Plate Armor will allow the character to wear a Ring of Protection +1, an Amulet of Protection +1 or a Cloak of Protection +1 to reach better protection in total (not to mention a Ring of Protection +2, the Amulet of Protection +2 Siege of Dragonspear LOGOSOD00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
Siege of Dragonspear
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or a Cloak of Protection +2).


Practical defense chest


This armor is still part of the BGII game files and was even altered a bit: it doesn't have an identified, unique name and description anymore, and its strength requirement was increased to 12. But besides being part of a script (MAGNET.bcs), attached to a creature without any reference (Magnet, PPINVI01.cre), the item itself doesn't appear in the game.