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The Missing Patrol is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


The quest can be started in two places, either by speaking to the Crusader Sergeant at the entrance to the fortifications on Boareskyr Bridge, or after entering the Ruined Temple of Bhaal, a caged Keherrem will call for your help.


After speaking with Keherrem in the temple, Gorion's Ward will have two options

  • Pull the lever on the nearby wall, killing all three caged Crusaders. On Keherrem's body, Keherrem's Badge can be found, which will give access to the Crusader's camp. A paladin or a ranger will fall upon doing so.
  • Seek out the key held by Ziatar further in the temple. Upon releasing them, Keherrem will tell you to seek out Kharm at the Crusader's camp for a reward.

Either way, either Keherrem's word or his badge will allow you into the camp and the quest will end.

Despite the quest ending, if Kharm is later spoken to, he will give 250gp *.


  • Kharm will only give the gold reward if he's thanked after offering "a token of my appreciation." All other conversation topics will result in no gold.


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I'm A Wizard and That Looks...
Murdered the trapped crusaders in the Temple of Cyric. [Read more]