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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1 mod The Lure of the Sirine's Call.

QUEST: The Lure of the Sirine's Call[]

  • Travel to the Lighthouse area (accessible in Chapter One+), and complete the base-game mini-quest A Child in the Lighthouse.
    Unlike in the unmodded game, once you've killed the worgs to rescue the boy, an "Old Man" steps out of the lighthouse hut and warns you of sirines.
    (Don't forget to get your reward from Ardrouine for the mini-quest.)
  • Optionally, enter the hut to the right of the lighthouse to question the "Old Man" some more.
    He gives you a dubious story about working for a legitimate shipping company.
  • Go north along the shore, until you meet three sirines. Their leader Sil initiates dialog on sight, and[1] accuses you of being in cahoots with the "murderers and trespassers" at the lighthouse.
    • CHOICE: Make a deal with her.
      In order to avoid combat, ask what she means and then accept her task to warn or chase off the pirates.
    • CHOICE: Fight her.
      Other responses lead to the sirines attacking you. Kill them. This ends the quest.
  • If you accepted Sil's task, enter the hut to the right of the lighthouse and confront the "Old Man" with what Sil said.
    • CHOICE: Make a deal with him.
      Get him to drop the charade by telling him e.g. that "her story made sense". (Some of the other responses may also work based on your stats.[2]). He admits that he's part of a pirate gang seeking nearby treasure. Promise to get rid of the sirines for him, and he pays you 1000 gp up-front and leaves.
    • CHOICE: Fight him.
      Most responses lead to him demanding that you to leave. Then when you talk to him again, he calls 5 fellow pirates to him and they attack. Defeat them.
  • If you accepted Sil's task and then killed the pirates, report back to Sil. She gives you 1500 exp and permission to loot the cave.
The Lure of the Sirine's Call mod pirates screenshot

The pirate party

  • If instead you accepted the pirate's task, you can optionally keep your end of the bargain by killing Sil.
    If you then loot the treasure[3] in the cave, the 6 pirates waylay you when you exit the cave and attack you for double-crossing them. Kill them.

New indoor areas[]

The "Extended Lighthouse Area" component of this mod adds indoor maps that allow you enter the lighthouse and the two nearby huts in the Lighthouse area:

  • Lighthouse ▸ ground floor
  • Lighthouse ▸ upper floor
  • Right hut ▸ ground floor
  • Right hut ▸ storage room
  • Left hut ▸ ground floor
  • Left hut ▸ basement

This is mostly a cosmetic addition, as there is not much of interest in these side-areas (except for the pirate in the right hut – see the quest walkthrough above).


  1. Provided that you have met the "Old Man".
  2. "She told me you're looking for treasure, [...]" works if you have 14+ CHA.
    "I was told you're a thief and a murderer. [...]" works if you have 13+ INT.
  3. Technically, you only need to loot the cloak Relair's Mistake and have it in your inventory when you exit the cave.