The Kneecapper (The Kneecapper +1 in-game), also known by the name of The Capper or Knee-capper and officially known by the name of War Hammer +1, +4 vs. giant humanoids, is a war hammer with a +1 bonus to THAC0 and damage and with +4 bonus to THAC0 and damage when using this weapon against ogres and giants or other . It has a weight of 8 lbs and a speed factor of 2. This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II.

As its +4 weapon to giant humanoids, this weapon is capable of damaging Golemsb.

In Baldur's Gate, Ashideena and this weapon are the strongest war hammers available. They both have the same speed factor, but Ashineeda is more powerful against any monster, except for giants and ogres.


  • In Baldur's Gate, this weapon is gained as a reward from Hurgan Stoneblade, after completing his side quest to get his grandpa's dagger back. It can also be pickpocketed from him.
  • In BG2 it is found in the chapel of De'Arnise Keep.


War hammer +1, +4 vs. giant humanoids: The Knee-capper, or 'The Capper', as it is affectionally known in dwarven circles, is rumored to have been forged by Clangeddin himself. He gave to a small clan of homeless dwarves that they might carve a place for themselves amongst the giants and ogres in their area. The hammer has been passed from hero to hero, occasionally finding its way into non-dwarven hands.


  • The classification of golems is largely inconsistent in the games of the series, so the effect is not guaranteed to work all the time. For more information on which golems are classified as giant humanoids, visit the golem's page.
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