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The Irregulars is a in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Simply speak with Lieutenant Otilda at the Troll Claw Woods Flaming Fist camp.


Otilda is worried that the newly joined half-orc mercenaries, are either enemy agents or just no good and wants you to pick a fight with them. Even if Gorion's Ward refuses to help, the quest will remain available.

Slightly northeast of the Flaming Fist camp is the three mercenaries in question, Farrl, Kava, and Rend.

There are four ways to continue the quest:

  • Provoke either Kava or Rend into a fight, and after killing one of them and severely wounding a second, the survivors will flee.
  • Speak with Kava, who initially is suspicious, but eventually agrees to speak more openly if you'll bring them some ale from the Boareskyr Bridge Crusader encampment.
  • Speak with Rend, who will eventually challenge your to a non-lethal fight, and after one of the half-orcs is knocked out, will open up about being a former Crusader who wants revenge against The Barghest. If they stay, Rend will reveal a useful bit of information that Lieutenant Kharm is in charge of training the Crusader recruits.
  • Speak with Kava while Dorn is in the group and the option "Dorn here is a half-orc and a friend. He trust me well enough. Can't you do the same?" will be available. The irregulars will tell you their story and you can report back to Otilda.

Gorion's Ward may then decide to accept them in the army or drive them away. If forced to leave, Otilda will happily part with a 105gp reward, but either way, the quest will end with a reward of 6,000 XP.