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The House of the Talisman is located in the city of Suldanessellar and can first be accessed during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7.

Above the House of the Talisman is a second-floor area titled The Priest's House. A staircase on the building exterior ascends to this.


Upon first entry, the circular shaped house is eerily quiet, with no signs of vandalism or combat. The soft bubbling of water is barely audible from a bathing pool inside.

To the east, a glint of magical energy is briefly visible, which swirls for a moment, and dissipates into thin air,

Moving closer, three expired elven males are seen lying on the floor in front of an ornate wooden box with obvious ancient and expert elven crafting. What became of these elves is unknown, but their bodies show some signs of pinpoint wounds with greenish-tinged and corroded flesh around the punctures - they are freshly deceased as well and seemed to have died in agony based on their facial contortions and clenched fingers.

Examination of the box can be pursued by interacting with it using the player's cursor. When that occurs, the box initiates a series of dialogue displays (almost as if the object was speaking into your mind).

The box is actually an Elven Puzzle Box. It is highly magical as well. The box has the following "dialogue":

"The odd, distinctly elven container is locked, and no amount of pressure will force it open. The lid holds five pressure plates, each adorned with symbols common to Suldanessellar: Rillifane, the Tree of Life, a rune of Suldanessellar, Corellon Larethian (the father of the elven pantheon), and the elven symbol for water. Obviously, the runes on the box must be pressed in a certain order to access the contents. The edge of the box seems corroded, as if by acid. Which rune will you press?"

When presented with a selection of choices the player can select from five pressure plates, or indicate that they will return later.

If you are feeling lucky, and want to guess, then select one and see what happens. If you guess correctly, you may continue. If the incorrect choice is made, then a very small dart fires from an unknown compartment, penetrating even the most impressive armor. The dart corrodes the flesh most painfully. Magic resistance can block this magically powered effect.

Soon after the player will notice their journal has registered a new entry:

"Journal entry: The elven puzzle box: I have found a puzzle box that obviously holds something of value to the elves of Suldanessellar. To open it, I must press a series of runes in a certain order. The box makes reference to a Priest's Stone in the room above. The Stone holds the key to this puzzle, and I must find it if I am to open the box with minimal risk."

When the puzzle is solved, the box can be opened, and you'll find the Talisman of Rillifane artifact. this is one of three items needed to place on the altar in the Temple of Rillifane.


Above this House, on the second floor of The Priest's House can be found the Elven Priest Stone. This item provides all the information needed to solve the Elven Puzzle Box.


Three are two containers that can be searched. One table has a Random treasure, and the other has a rolled-up scroll of Meteor Swarm.


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