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The House of the Moon is located in the city of Suldanessellar and can first be accessed during Chapter 7.

The house entrance is accessed from an exterior staircase ascending to a doorway.

Enter the house when ready to do so. In order to progress the main quest, the party has to explore it.


SU Inside House of the Moon

When the party enters this house a cut scene takes over, and the player must see the scene play out before being able to control their characters.

An Elven Warrior and a Balor face each other. Two other elven warriors lie dead on the floor, presumably already slain by the fiend.

Each opponent shouts words to each other.

The elf invokes the power of the Moonblade it wields, which harnesses the blade's magical powers to slay the fiend, and in-turn takes the elf's own life as well. The supreme sacrifice has been made in defense of the elven city.

When the cut scene is finished, the player may search the house. Makes sure to take the Moonblade from the fallen elf, and any equipment he carried if desired.

The Moonblade is one of three necessary artifacts to collect and use within the Temple of Rillifane in order to successfully progress the Getting inside the Palace in Suldenessellar questline.


Search the three separate containers for anything of interest or value. Find the Boots of Elvenkind and a scroll of Gate (wizard).