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The Hidden, revealed - portrait from the PPE Mod

The Hidden is a creature that has sequestered itself in the sewers beneath the Slums to keep its presence and purpose secret from the inhabitants of Athkatla during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He can only be found during the side quest, Jan Jansen Summoned Home.

What do you wish of me?

When first seen, The Hidden appears as a male human Monk.

The Enlightened Ones[]

By now, the party has already learned about "The Enlightened Ones" and The Hidden presents an opportunity to find out more.

"...I would like to know a bit about the Enlightened Ones. Who are you and why all the secrecy?"

However, The Hidden will not divulge anything on that topic.

"We are something of which you have no right to have knowledge. Some day I shall find a way to deal with Gerhardt's ravings. For now, what do you wish?"

If asked, "How do you know Gerhardt? Is he a part of the Enlightened Ones?" The Hidden gets right to the point.

"No more stupid questions. You are here to have me cure this girl, Jaella."

Yes, I am.

"It was not a question, fool. I do this because you have an aura of usefulness about you. Do a task for me I shall heal the damage done to the girl's mind."

The Bargain[]

The Hidden then explains that he wants the party to "destroy...two creatures of evil intent" who are "stalking" him.

This chase has gone on too long and I grow bored. The two have a contact in the proprietor of a dingy flop-house in the Docks District called the Sea's Bounty.

He will not believe that you have found me without the code words. Tell him that you are a seeker. He will tell you where the two lie, waiting for word of my whereabouts.

Betray me to them and I assure you, both the girl and yourself shall die before I do. Go now, and return when they are dead.

After this, the player's Journal is updated under, Jan returns home to help his former love, Lissa.


The following might contain spoilers!

Eventually, the "two creatures of evil intent" are discovered to be Githyanki. After they have been dealt with, The Hidden reveals himself to be a Mind Flayer (aka, Illithid) and delivers a warning:

"If others should come looking for me, you know nothing. Tell them otherwise and I will kill you. I shall go."

He is worth 9,000 XP if the party is quick enough to slay him before he escapes.

Interjections from Companions include:

"Ahhh, things grow clearer, my raven. An illithid, hiding from its ancient enemies, the Gith, amongst the primes in this city. Jan's uncle was wise to send us its way, although how he knew of it I can only speculate."


"A mind flayer? Here? A spy perhaps, using its psionic powers to keep its secret. Strange that Jan's mad uncle should be aware of its prescence."


"What is this? One of the illithid? Perhaps a spy. Its psionic powers would help the child... although how the mad gnome knew of its presence I cannot imagine."

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