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SU Enter Harpists House

The Harpist's House is located in the city of Suldanessellar and can first be accessed during Chapter 7.

The house entrance is accessed from an exterior staircase ascending to a doorway.

Enter the house when ready to do so. In order to progress the main quest, the party has to explore it.


SU Inside Harpists House

When the party enters this house a scene of horrific murder is evident.

Elven corpses are strewn about the house in various states of desecration and trauma.

Some of these poor souls look as if they perished by weapon blows, others from powerful necromantic magic and elemental damage.

The smell of burnt hair and flesh is strong.


Search the six separate containers for anything of interest or value.

Some of the containers have Random treasure within - also found is a Stone Harp.

That harp will prove essential later, so best hold onto this item.