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Disambiguation icon This page is about the actual inn. For the World Map area where it is located, see Friendly Arm Inn. For the journal entry, see The Friendly Arm Inn.

The Friendly Arm is the inn situated in the keep at the appropriately-named area, Friendly Arm Inn. It's one of the biggest and most popular inns in Baldur's Gate, and the place the early storyline leads Gorion's Ward to – to meet with Khalid and Jaheira.


On the second floor, a commoner holds the eastern common room for his own – and has nothing to add if charmed; two noblemen display their typical attitude against common folk – however, the one on the southern side is in possession(60) of a Flamedance Ring which he likes to entrust a charming person with;[2] and finally there's Unshey, who – if not reacting almost "hostile" (eight needed) – tells the story of a rogue ogre and her belt and offers a reward for returning the latter.

On the third floor, a gnomish mage by the name Landrin has found shelter from the huge spiders, populating her home in Beregost, and misses her possessions. And in the northwesternmost room, a nobleman waits for a maid to get his tunics cleaned.


Other Events[]


For the rumors, heard by ordering a drink at the inn, see drinks.

The commoners in the tavern are eager to share their rumors with interested newcomers. As they live in the same place as those outside in the Arm's courtyard, they have, however, nothing new to tell.

See rumors on the surrounding area's article for what journal entries are available.


Bentley Mirrorshade offers all four qualities of rooms as well as several drinks, sharing almost all of his knowledge with his wife in the temple. He buys for half their value most armor and weapons and in addition several more item categories – with a depreciation rate of 5 – and has a rather standard assortment of items himself to sell. Rogues have no chance to steal from him.

Note: The prices in the following tables show Bentley's rate and do not regard modifications by charisma or reputation.

Buy and Sell[]

Item Stock gp
Battle axe icon Battle Axe 5 7
Throwing axe icon Throwing Axe (×5) 5 7
Club icon Club 5 1
Flail icon Flail 5 22
Mace icon Mace 5 12
Morning star icon Morning Star 5 15
Composite long bow icon Composite Longbow 5 150
Long bow icon Longbow 5 112
Short bow icon Shortbow 5 45
Dagger icon Dagger 10 3
Icon Dart Dart (×10) 5 1
Halberd icon Halberd 5 15
War hammer icon War Hammer 5 3
Sling icon Sling 5 1
Spear icon Spear 5 1
Quarter staff icon Quarterstaff 5 1
Bastard sword icon Bastard Sword 5 37
Long sword icon Long Sword 5 22
Short sword icon Short Sword 5 15
Two Handed Sword ISW2H0100000 Item icon BG1 Two-handed Sword 5 75
Heavy crossbow icon Heavy Crossbow 5 75
Light crossbow icon Light Crossbow 5 52
Arrows icon Arrow (×20) 1
Bolts icon Bolt (×20) 1
Bullet icon Bullet (×20) 1
Armor et al.
Item Stock gp
Chain mail icon Chain Mail 5 112
Splint mail icon Splint Mail 5 120
Leather icon Leather Armor 5 7
Plate mail icon Plate Mail 5 900
Icon Buckler1 Buckley's Buckler Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
Enhanced Edition
This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
1 1200
Small shield icon Small Shield 5 4
Medium shield icon Medium Shield 5 10
Icon Large Shield+1 Large Shield +1 Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1Baldur's Gate (1998)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
5 3000
Icon Large Shield1 Large Shield Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
Enhanced Edition
This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
5 15
Book icon History of the Fateful Coin 3
Book icon History of the Unicorn Run 3


Rumor Journal
Only during Chapter One and Two

"I heard there's some sort o' trouble in Nashkel. Somethin' sinister has been moving about in the Nashkel mines. Nobody seems to know for sure. Too busy coping with the bandit raids and such."[3]

"Troubles in the Region: Bandit Problems

There are rumors of something disrupting operations in the Nashkel mines, contributing to the iron shortage.

Only during Chapter One and Two

"Lots of trouble down in Nashkel. Monsters or some such are said to be killing the workers at the Nashkel mines."[4]

Only during Chapter One and Two

"You hear of the Midsummer fair down in Nashkel? I hear it's actually doing quite well, despite all the trouble that town's had recently."[5]

"There is a festival east of Nashkel. Many people are gathering there."

"Iron's so scarce these days, you'd think it was as valuable as gold. Not a good thing, not a good thing at all. Ain't going to be long before no one can afford to be well equipped. What will the guards do then?"[6]

Only during Chapter One and Two

"Troubles in the Region: Iron Crisis

Iron continues to be scarce, driving prices of tools and weapons ever higher.

"It's been really weird these past few months. Iron's been going bad, falling apart almost if it were rustin' for no particular reason. From what I hear, most o' this "bad iron" comes from the mines at Nashkel. Can't trust those Amnian miners; probably some scheme they've come up with."[7]

Only during Chapter One and Two

"Troubles in the Region: Iron Crisis

Iron from the Nashkel mines is nearly useless when smelted. People suspect that the denizens of Nashkel are doing it intentionally, as part of some grandiose plot in the service of Amn.

After the end of Chapter Two

"Hear about the heroes of Nashkel? Some good folk—mercenaries, it's said—came down and solved all that town's problems. I hope they weren't helping just because of the money."[8]

"Tales of my actions are spreading, though I'm not sure I like the term "mercenaries.""

After the end of Chapter Six

"Did you hear about the assassinations at Candlekeep? Seems that the leaders of the Iron Throne went and got themselves killed. Those same people who helped the folks down in Nashkel did the deed. They were Amnian agents, I hear. Anyhow, one of the dead guys' son is now the leader, Sarevok is his name I think."[9]

"Rising Tensions with Amn
Sarevok has assumed command of the Iron Throne. I am still accused of the former leaders' murders, though it is thought I was an agent of Amn. Someone is intent upon pushing the region into war.

"I hear relations haven't been going too good 'tween the two powers in this region. The Grand Dukes supposedly accused Amn of all the raiding that's been happening along the roads. Not a good thing to go accusin' the most powerful country in the western world."[10]

"Rising Tensions with Amn
Tension seems to be building between Baldur's Gate and Amn.

"I hear some units of the Flaming Fist have been sent to Beregost. Seems like the Grand Dukes are getting real paranoid about Amn. Lots of people think that Amn might be behind the iron shortage. Could be a prelude to war."[11]

"Rising Tensions with Amn
Tensions are growing in the region due to the supposed threat from Amn, though the evidence I've seen is somewhat confused.

In addition to the rumors that can be "bought", Bentley also has one or two exclusives during conversation for people he doesn't react exactly hostile towards (reaction eight or higher necessary).

Rumor Journal
Only during Chapter One and Two

"Iron is the lifeblood of this whole region and it's sure painful when it gets scarce. So what can I do for ya?"[12]

"Troubles in the Region: Rumors and Happenings

Bentley, the owner of the Friendly Arm Inn, told us that the iron trade has slowed greatly over the past few weeks.

Only during Chapter One and Two

"None too many travelers have been through lately, what with the supposed troubles down south. So what can I do for ya?"[14]

"Troubles in the Region: Rumors and Happenings

Bentley told us that there has been some sort of trouble in the south. Perhaps we should go to Nashkel.

Notable Loot[]

Note: Picking the lock of chests etc. has no further consequences, except that it yields experience in the Enhanced Edition. Opening them afterwards, however, may in some cases potentially alarm the authorities, though not always. The comments in the section below mean:
  • safe: safe to open, regardless if guarded;
  • attention: positioning, line of sight and people wandering around should be considered;
  • dangerous: it's only a question of time until noticed;
  • unsafe: almost impossible to not be confronted by guards.
  • Loot from murdered, neutrally alleged characters isn't included.
    Ground floor

    Except from the potential companions, there's nobody here who has something to pickpocket.

    Second floor

    The following items can (among other options) be pickpocketed:

    Third floor

    The following items can (among other options) be pickpocketed:




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