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The Fear is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Passing by the pavilion where Thirrim and Elandro are speaking will trigger a conversation and gaining this quest.


No matter what conversation path is taken during the first conversation, Elandro will express his fear. Through conversation, he can be calmed during the day, which will end the quest and garner 6,000 XP.

However, if the pavilion is visited at night while Elandro is still scared (including by concluding the first conversation), a Greater Feyr will form and immediately attack. Most of the surrounding defenders will join the fight, but with a -2 AC and Improved Invisibility, their help is of limited use. Killing the Greater Feyr will net 13,000 XP, versus the 6,000 from calming Elandro. Afterward Tharantis will approach, and the right conversation response will garner 2 Potions of Healing from a grateful Thirrim.