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The Eyeless Priestess is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Given by triggering the unavoidable conversation with Madele in the Ruined Temple of Bhaal.


Further progress can be made by finding the Parchment and Akanna's Journal.

After gaining the Jail Key from Ziatar, her cell can be immediately opened, but if delayed till after the death of Darskhelin, she will reveal that she intentionally let it into her mind and fed it information on the temple and it's inhabitants as revenge. She gloats about Akanna's death, even if she is still alive.

After letting her out, Gorion's Ward may either be neutral, reveal they're a Bhaalspawn and encourage her to continue the legacy of the Lord of Murder, or (to her utter confusion) reveal they're a Bhaalspawn and demand she make amends for her actions.


In the Name of the Father Achievement icon SoD
– Hidden –
In the Name of the Father
Commanded Madele to murder in the name of Bhaal. [Read more]
Amendments Achievement icon SoD
– Hidden –
Ordered Madele to amend her murderous misdeeds. [Read more]