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The Desperate Defenders is a main quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Once the Bridgefort Wardstone is gained, it can be used to enter Bridgefort, which will trigger a conversation with Khalid, who tell you to speak with Jegg Hillcarver and Wynan Hess, and find out about the state of the fortress. Speaking with either will begin this quest.


Speaking with Jegg will reveal that the Crusaders are attacking to gain the large store of supplies held by the fortress.

Speaking with Wynan will trigger an attack with a magical catapult stone, and the beginning of the The Creeping Darkness quest.

Once both are completed, Khalid can be spoken with the determine the ending of the siege, and the quest will end.

The party can complete Down with the Drawbridge at any time, which will cancel this quest.

The quest officially ends once the Coalition Camp is reached, beginning Chapter Ten.