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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Darkest Day (TDD) is an old mega-mod for Shadows of Amn.


The original mod is not compatible with the Enhanced Edition of the game.

A patch called TDDz exists (see #External links links below), that makes the quest-content of the mod compatible with BG2:EE and EET, but also nerfs it by removing most new items and reducing XP rewards.


TDD holds historical significance as the first proper mod that was released for Baldur's Gate II.

It's a mega-mod which includes new worldmap areas, quests, items, NPCs, kits, spells, and rule changes, and is notorious for giving your party excessive amounts of XP and overpowered items.

The main content blocks are:


Purskal is a small mining village near Athkatla added by TDD. Recently, miners have turned up dead with signs of rapid aging, and the party is tasked with investigating the problem – leading to a straight-forward, self-contained little adventure.

  • To get there:
    Buy the map from "Salesman" in the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District of Athkatla.
  • To start the main quest there:
    Talk to Thorknar in the mayor's tent in Purskal.
  • Side-quests:
    • (help Dindil's son):
      Talk to Dindil in the healer's tent (just south of the mine) in Purskal.


Eshpurta is a "town" with not much of interest in itself – but it's the start and end point for a relatively large quest.
The quest is a combat-heavy trek through the Troll Mountains, where the party faces custom monster types such as "Frost Worms" and a tough end boss.

  • To get there:
    "Kender" approaches you when you first enter the Gate district of Athkatla, and marks Eshpurta on your worldmap.
  • To start the main quest there:
    "Traveller" approaches you at the main gate of Eshpurta, and marks "Snake Woods" on your worldmap.
  • Side-quests:
    • (kill the trolls and giants in Eshpurta):
      Talk to the Captain in the central building of Eshpurta.
    • (find King Heafnall):
      Accept the task from Ornamus in the barbarian camp in the Troll Mountains.


Riatavin is the largest town in the TDD mod.
It's main quest starts out as an inconspicuous detective quest, but turns into a grand journey on land, sea, and underdark, involving the infamous Entreri and Jarlaxle.

In addition, two of Riatavin's "side-quests" are themselves major expeditions: One to Orgoth's Tower, and one to Calimshan.

  • To get there:
    Speak to Forp in the Copper Coronet (in the Slums district of Athkatla); he marks Riatavin on your worldmap.
  • To start the main quest there:
    Redandon approaches you in Riatavin near the guardhouse, and asks that you speak to Amroch inside.
  • Side-quests:
    • Orgoth's Tower:
      Rivaldo approaches when you first enter Riatavin.
    • Helping Myrin get her memory back:
      Myrin approaches you when you first enter the mages district of Riatavin.
    • Recovering the Diamond:
      Enter the large building on the eastern edge of the mages district of Riatavin.


Trollford is an abandoned village, that the party visits in order to rescue a young lad who went there in search of treasure. This leads to a dungeon crawl.

  • To get there:
    Johanna approaches you when you first arrive in Umar Hills, and marks Trollford on your worldmap.

Onset of the Darkest Day[]

This portion of TDD is a sequel to Shadows of Amn, although shorter and less deep than Throne of Bhaal.
A fragment of the evil god Cyric has posessed a peasant woman, and causes darkness and plague to descend upon the land. So the party is sent to the Sword Coast, Icewind Dale, and Amn to foil his plans.


The original mod adds several joinable NPCs, but only one is included in te EE port (TDDz): Robillard, an Invoker.

Kits, spells, and rule changes[]

The original mod adds several kits, spells, and rule-changes, but these are not included in te EE port (TDDz).

External links[]

(For the mod's main website/forum/download page, see the infobox above.)