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The Creeping Darkness is a main quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


As part of the quest to resolve the situation at Bridgefort, Khalid will ask you to speak with the mage Wynan Hess, who is managing the fort's magical defenses. During the conversation, an enchanted boulder will break through into fort, beginning the quest.

Warning: At the start of this quest, all members of the party suffered one level's worth of level drain, as will anyone who joins the group as long as the quest is active.


After approaching the stone, a conversation will trigger with Wynan, who will ask Gorion's Ward to find a copy of the spell that enchanted the stone so that the magic can be nullified.

The target enchanter in question is the former Red Wizard Vichand, who is camped out at the Crusader encampment outside the fort. It can be reached by leaving through the teleport circle that granted entrance, and if access to the camp has already been gained, Vichand can be approached directly.

There are multiple ways to acquire the Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom from Vichand.

  • Charm him and just ask for it
  • Convince him to let Gorion's Ward study it (Mage and Charisma ≥ 8)
  • Threaten him (Charisma ≥ 17 or Strength ≥ 15, depending on conversation path)
  • Wait for the time at night where he goes to pray with Hormorn, leaving a guard in his place to deal with
  • Kill him and take it from the cart nearby (fighting him will not cause the camp to become hostile, as long as Vichand is out of their range-of-sight while being attacked, even though they might be able to see party members attacking "some target" in the distance)
  • Pickpocket him (See Bugs)

If the threaten path was used, there are several ways to end, with varying consequences. Saying you dealt fairly and leaving will trigger him to yell and turn the camp hostile if you ever speak to him again or another threat is an option, requiring Charisma or Strength ≥ 14. A strange option is putting him to sleep, which requires someone in the party to have one of the following: Charm Person, Dire Charm, Sleep, Power Word, Sleep, Hold Person, Hold Monster, Domination, Mental Domination, Safana's Kiss, or Wand of Sleep, checked and used in that order.[1] Lastly, as mentioned above, he can just be killed, and as long as it's out of sight of any other person in the camp, will not turn the camp hostile.

Note, the request for a Planetar Feather for The Call of the Wild Mage can be made immediately after the initial threat, which gains both the item for free and ends with the same reaction as a successful threat.

After returning to the fortress and the stone, the scroll is given to Wynan or have a mage in the party can counteract the magic. Either way, the quest ends with a reward of 3,000 XP for each party member, and dispelling the enchantment will release a Wraith, which still needs to be killed. The party will all silently receive a Lesser Restoration effect, removing the level drain suffered at the start of this quest.

This quest will also end if the Crusaders take the fort through surrender or trechery.

Indirect Rewards[]

If the disenchanted boulder is interacted with 3 times, Voidstone Shards can be collected, which Jegg can make into one of several weapons.

Though not directly part of the quest, once it is finished, Jegg can be asked to forge Jegg's Leathers for M'Khiin to wear.

Additionally, Jegg mentions that Gorion's Ward saved everybody from certain death and shows her gratitude with extraordinary prices (both for selling and buying) from now on.


BUG BUG: Despite both Safana and Glint saying they can steal the scroll from Vichand, it is never in his inventory and there is nothing in his scripts that places the scroll in his inventory, which prevents it being stolen. It is either in the stash or it is created and give to the PC. There is also nothing in his script that interacts with pickpocketing.[2]


Diffusion Achievement icon SoD
– Hidden –
Stopped the sickening energy emanating from the spellstone. [Read more]
Tapped into the Void Achievement icon SoD
– Hidden –
Tapped into the Void
Forged a void weapon. [Read more]


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