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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1 mod The Calling.

The Calling (mage version)[]

Note:The mod author planned to provide different "calling" quests for different classes, but as of version 5 of the mod, only the mage quest has been implemented.
The class restriction has not yet been implemented either, though, so all parties can currently do this quest.
  • Afterwards, Thalantyr asks for your help with finding and destroying the cursed bracers that had afflicted Melicamp. He wants to build a scrying device to locate the bracers, and tells you to bring him three gems to power it – ideally ones suited for divination.
  • OPTIONAL: Research which gems are best suited for divination.
    The following clues can be found:
    • When you ask[1] Thalantyr for an example of a suitable gem, he recommends a Black Pearl.
    • In the Ulcaster Dungeon, you can find the "Damaged Piece of Parchment"[2] among a pile of bodies(1400.1100). It is an excerpt from a treatise on scrying, and recommends a common Zircon Gem.
    • The in-game item descriptions of Black Pearls, Zircon Gems, and Water Opals state that they are used for divination.
  • Find and choose three gemstones of any type.
    The only difference it makes, is that choosing gems that are better-suited for scrying will allow Thalantyr to divine the location of the bracers more precisely – whereas choosing less-suitable gems means that you will later have to do a bit more searching to find the bracers (or simply learn their location from this walkthrough).
Gem suitability

This is how suitable the different gems are for divination. (Except for the few vague clues mentioned above, you are not given this information in-game.)

Suitability Gems
poor Andar Gem, Bloodstone Gem, Chrysoberyl Gem, Fire Agate Gem, Iol Gem, Jasper Gem, Lynx Eye Gem, Moonstone Gem, Shandon Gem, Skydrop Gem, Star Diopside Gem, Sunstone Gem, Tchazar Gem, Turquoise Gem, Waterstar Gem, Ziose Gem
mediocre Aquamarine Gem, Black Opal, Garnet Gem, Horn Coral Gem, Moonbar Gem, Sphene Gem, White Pearl
good Diamond, Emerald, King's Tears, Star Sapphire
excellent Black Pearl, Rogue Stone, Water Opal, Zircon Gem

And this is how your choice of three gems will affect the scrying results later on:

Gems chosen Scrying precision
3 poor Very low
1 mediocre + 2 poor
3 mediocre Low
any other combination not listed
3 good Medium
1 excellent + 2 mediocre
1 excellent + 1 good + 1 poor/mediocre/good
2 excellent + 1 poor/mediocre
2 excellent + 1 good High
3 excellent Very high
Gem locations

Most types of gems can be found/looted/bought throughout the game world, in the same locations as in the unmodded game. (See their respective pages on this wiki for details.)

However, Black Pearls[3] are introduced by this mod, and can only be found in these locations:

  • Every Sirine that carries a White Pearl in the unmodded game, now has a 5% chance[4] of carrying a Black Pearl instead.
  • If you learned about Black Pearls from Thalantyr[1], then you can ask Kelddath Ormlyr, the high priest at the Beregost Temple, to give you one that was donated to the church:
    • If your speaking party member has 14+ CHA, you can convince[5] him to sell it to you for 500 gp.
    • If your party has 17+ reputation, you can convince[6] him to give it to you for free.
      • If you've already completed Kelddath's own quest and brought him the wyvern head from Coran's quest, then only 13 reputation is needed.
      • If you get his pearl for free and then later find another one, you can bring it to Kelddath as a "replacement" and get +1 reputation.
  • Once you've brought three gems to Thalantyr, he asks you to check up on Melicamp, who was supposed to go to Beregost to procure the mechanical part of the scrying machine. Agree.
    • ALTERNATIVE: Or you can refuse, in which case you can skip the next few steps involving Beregost and the Nashkel Mines, and wait for Melicamp to return on his own. [Needs testing!]
  • Travel to the Nashkel Mines outdoors map, and talk to Grace who stands near the right edge of the entrance pit (2000.600). He says that Melicamp went down into the mines to get more ore.
  • Enter the first level of the mines, and find Melicamp with two miners in the room to the bottom-right of the map center (2000.1400). He has accidentally caused these two miners to suffer memory loss, and asks for your help in jogging their memory. Agree.
    • ALTERNATIVE: Or you can refuse, in which case Melicamp handles it himself and meets you back at High Hedge, which lets you skip the next few steps. [Needs testing!]
  • Ask around on this level, to learn the following two pieces of information:
    • From Miner Marvin(2300.600):  James has a girlfriend named Winnie in Beregost.
    • From Miner Bob(2700.1300):  Sal's children are named Robby and Ned.
  • Return to the afflicted miners James and Sal (who stand next to Melicamp), and recite the two pieces of information. They are healed and leave, and you get between[8] 100 XP and 200 XP.
    Then talk to Melicamp again to get "Taerom's Ore"[9]
  • Travel to Beregost, and give the ore to Taerom Fuiruim in the smithy. He starts constructing the scrying machine.
    2+ days later, return to Taerom to pick up the completed "Scrying Device"[10]
The Calling mod Thalantyr scrying screenshot

the divination cutscene

  • Travel to High Hedge, and give the scrying device to Thalantyr. He inserts the prepared gems, and starts the divination process. After a short cutscene, he tells you what he has learned about the location of the cursed bracers.
Scrying results

See the "Gem suitability" box above, for how your chosen gems affect the precision of Thalantyr's scrying device.

This is what the scrying device reveals about the bracers' loction, at each precision level:

Scrying precision Information revealed
Very low "area north of Firewine"
Low "flower north of Firewine"
Medium "in Gullykin"
High "in Gullykin, on a halfling woman"
Very high "on Iris Cotton in Gullykin"
  • Travel to Gullykin, and enter the home(1300.1100) closest to the southern wall. Inside stands Largo Cotton, who initiates dialog and tells you that his wife Iris turned into a squirrel. (You can optionally extort 40 gp from him). Convince him to to bring Iris to High Hedge.
    • ALTERNATIVE: If you don't convince him, he goes to the village priest Alvanhendar instead. In that case, follow him there and talk to the priest to get Largo to go to High Hedge. [Needs testing!]
  • Travel to High Hedge and speak to Thalantyr again, who has already gathered Melicamp and Largo around him. You're instructed to participate in the incantation to restore Iris Cotton.
    This is basically a dialog puzzle, where Thalantyr and Melicamp each speak a magic phrase that sounds like gibberish – but you're supposed to find the common pattern, and respond with a phrase that follows the same pattern. After three verses of this, the incantation is over.

    Puzzle solution

    Verse 1:

    Thalantyr: "Avra boriden covra!"
    Melicamp: "Destius ennui *cluck* fristias!"

    Thalantyr's words start with the letters A, B, C, and Melicamp's with D, E, F, so continue the alphabet by choosing the only available response where the words start with the letters G, H, I:

    "Gharmas huegas inferita!"

    Verse 2:

    Thalantyr: "Bebeshia kikirt lalaji!"
    Melicamp: "Kukuty *cluck* nenerzuo poposh!"

    This time, in each word of Thalantyr's and Melicamp's lines, the first letter of the word is also the third letter of the word. So the correct response is the one where that is also the case:

    "Tatagh yoyost wiwirshu!"

    Verse 3:

    Thalantyr: "Lopitaph heuroz zampe!"
    Melicamp: "Ephestues solidar *cluck* rillan!"

    This time, in both Thalantyr's and Melicamp's lines, each word ends with the letter that the next word starts with. So the correct response is:

    "Nozika abersto omerth!"

    The outcome of the incantation depends on how many of your three phrases you got correct:

    Correct phrases Iris Bracers Reward Quest continues?
    0 restored vanished 1,000 XP no
    1 restored vanished 2,000 XP no
    2 restored safely defused 3,000 XP yes
    3 restored safely defused 4,000 XP yes
  • Assuming the bracers were safely defused, Thalantyr now wants you to destroy them. He gives you the "Cursed Bracers"[11] and "Magic Powder"[12] and sends you to Beregost.
  • Travel to Beregost, and give the bracers and powder to Taerom Fuiruim in the smithy, so that he can over-heat his forge and throw the bracers in it. He offers to forge an amulet from the remains, but the choice is up to you:
    • CHOICE: Let him completely destroy the bracers.
      You receive 1,000 XP (but no item), and the quest ends.
    • CHOICE: Let him forge the amulet.
      You receive an amulet (but no XP), and the quest ends. Which amulet you get, is random:

Peaceful Werewolf Isle Resolution[]



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