The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay, is a follow-up to Baeloth's The Black Pits. The Black Pits II shows up in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. It is run by a powerful mage named Dennaton, enforced by a planetar called The Winged, and staffed by many volunteers and servants of Dennaton.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There are several differences between the two installments. The area in Black Pits II is much larger than in Black Pits I, the arena entrance is a non-weave zone which prevents magical energy from channeling so you can't pre-buff your party like in BP1 but there's a place for you to prepare sequence spells and you may ask others to help you in battles. Much more powerful monsters are in fight and you start at levels 9–12, depending on your class. If you’re importing high level characters, they will retain the status and all unlocked abilities, but their XP will be set to 2,950,000 total. As usual, you may not use Bhaalspawn abilities in BP2. New Reward system is introduced.

Reward system[edit | edit source]

The 5 dialogue options with Dennaton before each fight have their own purposes, 1st option is to address the crowd heroically, 2nd is to insult Dennaton, 3rd is to ask for rewards, 4th does nothing, 5th is to address villainously. The reward items come in two categories, good or great, you’ll only get one of the reward type after each fight, and only one copy of each item. You will never get any reward if you don't ask for it. The base chance to get a good item is 55%, great item starts at 30%. The chances are further modified by the first three addresses of each battle, either heroic or villainous, by 1% each time. The two routes are counterproductive, increasing one will decrease another by the same amount. For example, a party who start at 55% chance to get good items address heroically at tier 1 - 2 battle for the first time will increase the chance to 56%, do it again the chance becomes 57%, then on their third try they address villainously, the chance will drop to 56% and no further change can be made on tier 1 - 2 on the fourth try thereafter. For this very reason, it’s recommended to replay each battle three times while sticking to either 1st or 5th option to maximize your total reward chance, then keep using the 3rd option to hope for the best, keep trying to finally get all item rewards.

Battle tier Good item Great item Good item code Great item code
1 - 1 Orc Leather Gnasher LEAT16 BLUN24
1 - 2 Duskblade Golden Calf Idol HALB08 OHBREW06
1 - 3 Cloak of the Sewers Spear of the Unicorn CLCK27 SPER07
1 - 4 Aeger's Hide Lilarcor LEAT20 SW2H14
1 - 5 Bladesinger Chain Cloak of Balduran CHAN16 CLCK05
2 - 1 Adjatha the Drinker Amulet of Power SW1H35 AMUL21
2 - 2 The Equalizer Silver Sword SW1H54 SW2H15
2 - 3 Impaler Firetooth (default) SPER08 XBOW15
2 - 4 Wave Flail of Ages +4 (fire, cold, acid, electrical heads) HALB09 BLUN30D
2 - 5 Blackrazor Celestial Fury MISCBC SW1H51
3 - 1 Gauntlets of Crushing Wong Fei's Ioun Stone BRAC19 HELM34
3 - 2 Shuruppak's Plate Crom Faeyr PLAT22 HAMM09
3 - 3 Shadow Dragon Scale Staff of the Magi LEAT19 STAF11
3 - 4 Hindo's Doom (upgraded) Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization SW1H71 BRAC21
3 - 5 Circlet of Netheril (upgraded) Psion's Blade HELM28 SW2H21
4 - 1 The Answerer Carsomyr (default) SW1H77 SW2H10
4 - 2 Ring of Gaxx Cloak of Mirroring RING39 CLCK26
4 - 3 Angurvadal (upgraded) Foebane (upgraded) SW1H61 SW1H63
4 - 4 Short Sword of Mask (upgraded) Ravager (upgraded) SW1H59 HALB11

List below shows the experience and gold gain after each battle, however unlike BP1, repeating previously completed battles will not net you XP, only additional gold, battleground is listed because traps carry over to the next fights.

Battle tier XP gain Accumulated XP gain Gold gain 1st time Gold gain n-th time Battleground
1 - 1 500,000 500,000 11,000 500 Open
1 - 2 500,000 1,000,000 12,000 750 Graveyard
1 - 3 500,000 1,500,000 13,000 1,000 Trench
1 - 4 500,000 2,000,000 14,000 1,250 Open
1 - 5 500,000 2,500,000 15,000 1,500 Trench
2 - 1 250,000 2,750,000 16,000 2,000 Graveyard
2 - 2 250,000 3,000,000 17,000 2,500 Open
2 - 3 250,000 3,250,000 18,000 3,000 Graveyard
2 - 4 250,000 3,500,000 19,000 3,500 Open
2 - 5 250,000 3,750,000 20,000 4,000 Trench
3 - 1 250,000 4,000,000 21,000 4,500 Trench
3 - 2 250,000 4,250,000 22,000 5,000 Graveyard
3 - 3 250,000 4,500,000 23,000 5,500 Open
3 - 4 250,000 4,750,000 24,000 6,000 Graveyard
3 - 5 250,000 5,000,000 25,000 7,000 Trench
4 - 1 250,000 5,250,000 26,000 8,000 Graveyard
4 - 2 250,000 5,500,000 27,000 9,000 Open
4 - 3 250,000 5,750,000 28,000 10,000 Open
4 - 4 250,000 6,000,000 29,000 - Open

Training Arena[edit | edit source]

The only way to gain extra XP additionally to the XP from the battles is to fight in the training arena. The fights can be repeated as many time as one can pay the fee. The XP gain is always 30 times the paid amount. The list below shows the creature you can fight against, how much you have to pay for and how much XP you gain out of it. The XP gained is shared by the party and not individual. All creatures are immune to poison (at least in LOB).

Creature Cost XP gain Creature code
Vampiric Wolf 200 6,000 OHBMENA1
Dangerous Moose 500 15,000 OHBMENA2
Grizzly Bear 750 22,500 OHBMENA3
Mountain Lion 1,000 30,000 OHBMENA4
Boalisk 1,500 45,000 OHBMENA5
Carrion Crawler 2,000 60,000 OHBMENA6
Vortex Spider 2,500 75,000 OHBMENA7
Greater Wyvern 5,000 150,000 OHBMENA8

Advice for solo mages: since it is not allowed to use any magic outside the dorms, it is recomended to lure the animal into the dorms and take the fight there. Warnings: 1. Sometimes summons disappear. 2. The creatures can't die, therefore sometimes you keep damaging it and nothing happens. Just return to the training arena and the sequence will start.

Store item lists[edit | edit source]

As you fight to advance in tiers, more items become available for you to purchase, the items unlocked will stay in store lists, all wands except the Wand of Spell Striking can be bought immediately, most Potions are also in stores from the beginning. The lists below show which items are added each tier, generic non-magical, +1, +2 or +3 items are not listed.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 1 code Tier 2 code Tier 3 code Tier 4 code Tier 5 code
The Root of the Problem Pixie Prick Kundane Life-Stealer Axe of the Unyielding (upgraded) BLUN10 DAGG13 SW1H25 DAGG20 AX1H15
Bone Club Firetooth (dagger) Belm Purifier (default) Runehammer (upgraded) BLUN23 DAGG12 SW1H30 SW1H64 HAMM11
Ashideena The Burning Earth Dak'kon's Zerth Blade Usuno's Blade Gram the Sword of Grief (upgraded) HAMM03 SW1H24 WA2DAK SW1H67 SW2H18
Ardulia's Fall Daystar Ninjatō of the Scarlet Brotherhood Spectral Brand (default) Ixil's Spike (upgraded) BLUN20 SW1H31 WANINJA SW1H68 SPER12
Mauler's Arm Namarra Yamato K'logarath Arrow of Detonation BLUN19 SW1H36 SW1H66 AX1H16 AROW06
The Sleeper Peridan Cutthroat Soul Reaver Arrow of Dispelling BLUN16 SW1H32 SW1H28 SW2H08 AROW07
Wyvern's Tail Jhor the Bleeder Boneblade Dragon's Breath BLUN17 SW1H38 DAGG14 HALB05
Halcyon Blade of Searing Warblade Mace of Disruption (upgraded) SPER09 SW1H39 SW2H09 BLUN25
Staff of Curing Blade of Roses Blackmist Ice Star STAF10 SW1H40 HALB06 BLUN35
Staff Mace Malakar Spear of Withering Club of Detonation (upgraded) STAF06 SW1H45 SPER10 BLUN27
Staff Spear Stonefire Dwarven Thrower Staff of the Woodlands STAF07 AX1H12 HAMM06 STAF14
Staff of Striking Frostreaver Defender of Easthaven Staff of the Ram (default) STAF05 AX1H13 WAFLAIL STAF21
Grave Binder Azuredge Staff of Power Shortbow of Gesen DAGG04 AX1H10 STAF12 BOW19
Dagger of Venom Dragon's Bane Rod of Smiting Taralash (default) MISC75 HALB04 RODS04 BOW22
Stiletto of Demarchess Harmonium Halberd Staff of Rynn Darkfire Bow (upgraded) DAGG17 WA2HALB STAF20 BOW21
Boomerang Dagger Joril's Dagger Heartseeker Erinne Sling (default) DAGG11 WAS2H BOW10 SLNG08
Ilbratha Spear of Kuldahar Mana Bow Sling of Everard SW1H26 WASPEAR BOW13 WASLING
Arbane's Sword of Agility Staff of Arundel Arrow of Detonation Arrow +4 SW1H27 WASTAFF AROW06 OHAROW50
Sword of Flame Staff of Thunder and Lightning Arrow of Dispelling Bolt +4 SW1H53 STAF13 AROW07 OHBOLT50
Varscona Serpent Shaft Arrow of Detonation SW1H06 STAF23 AROW06
Sword of Balduran Staff of Air Arrow of Dispelling WA2S1H STAF15 AROW07
Albruin Staff of Earth SW1H34 STAF16
Spider's Bane Staff of Fire SW2H06 STAF17
Flame of the North Skullcrusher SW2H12 BLUN18
Wizard Slayer Blackblood AX1H07 BLUN22
Hangard's Axe Strong Arm AX1H08 BOW11
Tuigan Bow Elven Court Bow BOW14 BOW12
Ripper Tansheron's Bow BOW09 BOW15
The Army Scythe Crimson Dart XBOW06 DART08
Heavy Crossbow of Searing Quiver of Plenty (default) XBOW14 QUIVER01
Sling of Seeking Case of Plenty (default) SLNG07 QUIVER02
Bag of Plenty (default) QUIVER05
Arrow of Detonation AROW06
Arrow of Dispelling AROW07

Armor[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 1 code Tier 2 code Tier 3 code Tier 4 code Tier 5 code
Shadow Armor Helm of Balduran Helm of the Rock (upgraded) Thieves' Hood (upgraded) Shield of the Order LEAT08 HELM07 HELM32 HELM30 SHLD32
Skin of the Ghoul Helm of Brilliance Sentinel +4 Vhailor's Helm Grandmaster's Armor LEAT13 HELM16 SHLD22 WA2HELM LEAT24
Darkmail Skull of Death Red Dragon Scale Darksteel Shield Aslyferund Elven Chain CHAN09 HELM17 PLAT18 SHLD31 CHAN19
Ashen Scales Dragon Helm Crimson Chain Studded Leather of Thorns Enkidu's Full Plate CHAN17 HELM21 CHAN11 LEAT23 PLAT21
Elven Chain Mail Fortress Shield Armor of the Hart White Dragon Scale CHAN12 SHLD23 PLAT16 CHAN20
Ankheg Plate Mail Shield of Harmony Blue Dragon Plate PLAT06 SHLD25 PLAT20
Kiel's Buckler Saving Grace SHLD20 SHLD27
Shield of the Lost The Night's Gift SHLD26 LEAT14
Dragon Scale Shield Armor of Deep Night SHLD21 LEAT17
Shield of the Falling Stars Armor of the Viper SHLD07 LEAT18
Helm of the Noble Jester's Chain HELM03 CHAN10
Gift of Peace Sylvan Chain HELM04 CHAN14
The Eyes of Truth Melodic Chain HELM05 CHAN15
Helm of Charm Protection Armor of Faith HELM06 CHAN18
Gorgon Plate PLAT13
Pride of the Legion PLAT15
Plate of Balduran WA2PLAT

Robes & accessories[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 1 code Tier 2 code Tier 3 code Tier 4 code Tier 5 code
Amulet of Spell Warding Golden Ioun Stone Lavender Ioun Stone Cloak of Reflection Robe of Vecna AMUL25 HELM23 HELM26 CLCK24 WA2ROBE
Batalista's Passport Silver Ioun Stone Whispers of Silence Montolio's Cloak (upgraded) The Paws of the Cheetah RING02 HELM25 CLCK06 CLCK32 BOOT01
Druid's Ring Obsidian Ioun Stone The Paws of the Cheetah The Paws of the Cheetah Gargoyle Boots RING03 HELM24 BOOT01 BOOT01 BOOT12
Sandthief's Ring Robe of the Good Archmagi Blessed Bracers Tzu-Zan's Bracers Girdle of Fire Giant Strength RING05 CLCK15 BRAC23 BRAC26 BELT11
Ring of the Princes Robe of the Neutral Archmagi Wondrous Gloves Girdle of Frost Giant Strength RING06 CLCK16 BRAC25 BELT08
The Victor Robe of the Evil Archmagi Girdle of Stone Giant Strength Greenstone Amulet RING20 CLCK17 BELT07 AMUL17
Topsider's Crutch The Spirit's Shield Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance Amulet of the Master Harper RING21 CLCK02 AMUL20 AMUL28
Ring of Regeneration Cloak of Elvenkind Amulet of Cheetah Speed The Warder's Signet RING31 CLCK23 AMUL26 RING41
Ring of Lock Picks The Paws of the Cheetah Ring of the Ram Heartwood Ring RING35 BOOT01 RING33 RING44
Ring of Danger Sense Boots of Elvenkind Ring of Fire Control Reaching Ring RING36 BOOT07 RING27 RING08
Harp of Discord Boots of the West Edventar's Gift MISC3M MISC8J RING09
Azlaer's Harp Boots of Etherealness The Specter's Ring MISC3N BOOT11 RING42
Methild's Harp Bracers of Defense AC 5 Ring of Anti-Venom MISC3O BRAC13 RING46
The Captive Audience Bracers of Defense AC 4 MISC2P BRAC14
Glasses of Identification Bracers of Defense AC 3 MISC3P BRAC15
Bracers of Blinding Strike BRAC16
Legacy of the Masters BRAC10
Girdle of Hill Giant Strength BELT06
Belt of Inertial Barrier BELT10
Periapt of Proof Against Poison AMUL22
Sensate Amulet WA2AMU
The Guard's Ring RING07
Mercykiller Ring WA2RING
Ring of Spell Turning RING34
Ring of Air Control RING28
Ring of Earth Control RING29
Ring of Regeneration RING31
Ring of Acuity RING40
Honorary Ring of Sune RING22
Rod of Resurrection RODS03
Rod of Reversal RODS06

Potions[edit | edit source]

Most Potions are available from Tier 1

Tier 2 Tier 3, 4, 5 Tier 2 code Tier 3, 4, 5 code
Potion of Superior Healing Potion of Hill Giant Strength POTN55 POTN03
Potion of Stone Giant Strength POTN12
Potion of Frost Giant Strength POTN04
Potion of Fire Giant Strength POTN05
Potion of Cloud Giant Strength POTN06
Potion of Storm Giant Strength POTN07
Potion of Heroism POTN09
Oil of Speed POTN23
Potion of Power PTION41
Potion of Magic Protection POTN34
Potion of Magic Shielding POTN35
Potion of Invulnerability POTN40
Potion of Invisibility POTN10
Potion of Clarity POTN21
Potion of Freedom POTN45

Loot and containers[edit | edit source]

There're several creatures you can kill, the Winged will spawn once to warn you. Following time, she'll slay your party.

Names Dropable items (can't be pickpocketed)
Arzol Obsidian Ioun StoneThe Guard's Ring, Katana +3, Wakizashi +3, various potions
Beryl Golden Ioun StoneTraveler's Robe, Quaterstaff +3, various potions
Marduuk Marduuk's Mallet

There're containers in the game, some are locked or need a key, some require you be at a certain story point.

Containers Items inside
Branson Chest Dagger +3, Potion of Clarity, 2317 Gold
Dennaton Chest 9000 Gold
Bannor Shelf Shadow Door scroll, Mental Domination scroll, Symbol, Stun scroll
Pol Chests Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental scroll, Delayed Blast Fireball scroll, The Burning Earth
Vault Kazhra's ShieldEnforcers' BracersCloak of the LichTime Stop scroll, Wish scroll, Rod of ResurrectionWand of Spell Striking, various potions

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Dennaton considers you his guests, though you were taken by force.

Starting point of The Black Pits II

When you start out, you are in a tavern and a bard is telling the story of your escape from the Black Pits I. She will engage in dialogue, and, no matter what you say to her line, she and the other patrons in the tavern will turn into hostile people, complete with The Winged, an Iron or Adamantite Golem, and an Efreeti. Before this happens, Najim will arrive and warn you that you are in danger. He will be trapped by a magical sphere. Once your whole party is defeated, you will be transported to the Pits. In the unlikely and nearly impossible event (Unless you play with an already trained and well-equipped party) that you win this fight, a dialogue will initiate with Najim, and several options are possible. He will speak about a divination spell to give you a preview of what would have happened had you lost the fight. Agreeing to this will allow you to play the Black Pits II just as if you lost or let them take you by force, while refusing will simply get you back to title screen.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle Creature Code
1-1 2x Orc OHBORC01
3x Orc Archer OHBORC02
Orc Priest OHBORC03
1-2 2x Minotaur OHBMIN01
2x Gladiator Fighter/Thief Dual OHBGLA01
2x Gladiator Fighter OHBGLA02
1-3 Lizard Man Chieftain OHBLIZ01
4x Lizard Man Elite OHBLIZ02
Lizard Man Shaman OHBLIZ03
1-4 6x Umber Hulk Elder OHBUMB01
1-5 2x Drow Warrior OHBDRO01
2x Drow Scout OHBDRO02
Drow Wizard OHBDRO03
Drow Priestess OHBDRO04
2-1 Gaul OHBVMP01
3x Fighter Vampire OHBVMP02
2x Shadowdancer Vampire OHBVMP03
2-2 Anti-Paladin Githyanki OHBGIT01
4x Warrior Githyanki OHBGIT02
Gish Githyanki OHBGIT03
2-3 Sahuagin Prince OHBSAH01
5x Greater Water Weird OHBEWWEI
2-4 Mardii (Conjurer) OHBMARDI
Greater Fire Elemental OHBEFI01
Greater Air Elemental OHBEAI01
Greater Earth Elemental OHBEEA01
2-5 Maadrazel OHBDEV01
Cornugon OHBDEV02
Gelugon OHBDEV03
Erinyes OHBDEV04
T'alcor OHBDEM01
Glabrezu OHBDEM02
Marilith OHBDEM03
Succubus OHBDEM04
3-1 Male Dark Moon Monk OHBDMNK1
2x Female Dark Moon Monk OHBDMNK2
Male Sun Soul Monk OHBSMNK1
2x Female Sun Soul Monk OHBSMNK2
3-2 Greater Clay Golem OHBGOL01
3-3 5x Greater Bone Golem OHBGOLB1
Leah Redsun OHBLIC01
3-4 Maharajah OHBRAK01
2x Ruhk OHBRAK02
3x Rakshasa OHBRAK03
3-5 3x Mind Flayer OHBMND01
Ulitharid OHBMND02
2x Thrall Fighter OHBTHR01
Thrall Mage OHBTHR02
Thrall Archer OHBTHR03
4-1 Ariziel OHBCEL01
2x Fallen Astral Deva OHBCEL02
3x Fallen Monadic Deva OHBCEL03
4-2 Dogar OHBDLI01
Kazon OHBDLI02
4-3 Yllaxxia OHBDRAG1
Nyzzlar OHBDRAG3
4-4 3x Male Bhaal Cultist OHBBCLT1
Female Bhaal Cultist OHBBCLT2
Kastulor OHBBCLT4
4-5 Dormamus OHBDORMA
The Winged OHBWING
Pol Pyrrus OHBPOL

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