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The Barghest is a half-orc Shining Crusader that can be encountered in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


The Barghest is the leader of the Blinding White battalion of the Shining Crusade, the group that besieges the fort-city of Bridgefort. Contrary to his reputation, he is level-headed and keeps his word, something he attributes solely to his meeting Caelar Argent.


The Barghest is widely known for his activities during the Second Dragonspear War, where it is said he is responsible for the most bloody mass casualty conflicts.


His name is a reference to the fiendish beast called the Barghest, likely due to his bloody proclivities.

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  1. The only difference seems to be #2 is hostile by default and has the override script BDCHALL.BCS