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The Abyss is an area that the player's party is involuntarily transported to after killing Jon Irenicus at the Tree of Life during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, Part 2.

The game files have titled this area as the Abyss, but the story, dialogue and player's Journal makes it clear that it is actually supposed to be a part of Hell or The Nine Hells.

For those who aren't familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons universe - The Abyss and Hell/The Nine Hells (and points in between) are very different places.

One of the Automap markers seen on the player's World Map screen marks a location as "The Abyssal Door" - which doesn't match up with the "we're in Hell" plot, and to make things slightly less defined, the game text also refers to this feature as the "Watcher's Door" in the Tears of Bhaal item description.

The game doesn't get any more specific than this - and the disparity between the area file name, the Abyssal Door map label and Hell story text won't affect gameplay.

On the map[]

Area notes[]

Removing party members here in The Abyss is possible. However, certain companions will depart the area map (somehow) and can't be reached again in Chapter 7 (which is the final portion in the Shadow's of Amn campaign).

For instance Imoen will go to the Copper Coronet, and Jaheira will travel to the front of the Galvarey Estate. This could also mean that companions who leave the party in Chapter 7 might not be available in the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal either. It is advised that a save game is made before letting a party member go - just in case the player wishes to reverse this decision later.

Some other Bioware and Beamdog core companions will remain in the Abyss and can be recruited again. Mod introduced companions will behave as scripted by that particular mod content.

Resting with no disturbance is permitted in the Abyss area. Feel free to rest as desired, in the pleasant and calming atmosphere of Hell.

Whenever the player moves the party to another sub-map connected to the main Abyss area by descending steps and transitioning to one of the various tests - be aware that the party cannot return or leave that new area until it has possession of that specific test's Tear of Bhaal. In other words, once the party commits to traveling to a sub-map, it must finish the test and obtain the tear of Bhaal before it can return to the main starting area again.

Plot recap[]

The last location the party was in was the Tree of Life, which was the site of the battle with Jon Irenicus.

Queen Ellesime was freed from her bonds. Jon Irenicus attacked the party. After a tumultuous battle, the bhaalspawn was triumphant and killed Jon, preventing him from draining the tree and garnering the divine power of Rillifane he sought.

But then, something strange happened, and Gorion's Ward and any companions there were inexorably drawn down into this Hellish plane, tugged and pulled along with Jon's soul. Yet the party isn't dead, the bhaalspawn's soul hasn't been restored, there is no apparent way to escape this plane of existence.

This begins the second part of Chapter 7, somewhere in the Nine Hells.

Gameplay / walkthrough[]

The walkthrough material is located on the Finding Irenicus in Hell article.


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