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Thalantyr the Conjurer is a powerful mage from Beregost. He lives in High Hedge, inside the High Hedge Estate, and sells you various magical items. To bring up the selling screen you have to talk to him a few times. He lives a lonely life, save for his two enchanted Flesh Golems, that he keeps for protection.

The first time you speak to Thalantyr, he will dismiss you rudely:

I don't have much patience for strangers on my property. Do us both a favor and move along... Unless, of course, you have magic for sale. From the looks of you, you couldn't afford the items I have for sale.

Dialogue and History[]

During the dialogue of the quest Melicamp the Chicken, it can be insinuated that Thalantyr used to be an adventurer, but would rather keep to himself now. The conversation seems to hint that the bracers he acquired, which Melicamp stole, were from a Netheril ruin and are cursed. Thalantyr kept them locked in a chest as a "vain little reminder" of his adventuring days.

Suffice it to say, that I have no idea what their intended function was, and I was in no position to ask their former owner. Years have passed since my… release, and the spoils of that Netheril ruin are as enigmatic as ever. They resist even the strongest divination, and attempts to dispel result only in explosive consequences. Some things should just stay buried.