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Tethtoril is a human sage who is found within the citadel of Candlekeep. He is initially encountered during the Prologue and then again during the events of Chapter Six.


During the prologue, he wanders the inner grounds that surround the library.


If you speak to him before speaking to Firebead Elvenhair, he will simply tell you to go and see Gorion. However, if you have already spoken with Firebead, then he'll know that you are looking for Firebead's scroll.


Firebead has sent you to me, hasn't he? Very well, return this scroll to him, but then you must hurry and speak with Gorion. He is waiting for you on the steps of the central library. I assure you, child, it is a matter of greatest urgency.


  • Like Gorion, if you try to attack Tethtoril, he will immediately cast Call Lightning, instantly killing you.

Chapter Six[]

During chapter six, Tethtorial is encountered three different times; the first time is inside the library, the second is during the barracks cut scene, and third time is during the parties escape through the catacombs.


When you return to Candlekeep in chapter six, Tethtoril is found on the sixth floor of the library in the bedroom to the right of the stairs. He will approach the party upon sight and speak of items left for you by Gorion (although you may have already spoken with Piato on the fifth floor and have these items in your possession). And although Tethtoril mentions that he'll speak with you again later in regards to your father, he has no more to say until the barracks cut scene.

You there! I have come to speak with <Gorion's Ward>. Hast thou come to collect the inheritance from your father? He left thee several items, all of which are within his old room. You remember where his old room is, don't you? If you've somehow forgotten, it's on the fifth floor of the central keep. Please forgive my abrupt nature, but much requires my attention this day. It is important that we later speak of your foster father, but not now.

Barracks Cut Scene[]

The cut scene begins with the party locked up in the jail cell. Ulraunt enters and formally accuses you of murder and states that you are to be sent to Baldur's Gate where your punishment will be handed down. After he exits the scene, Tethtoril will enter the building and speak with the party during your wait in the cell. When the dialogue ends, he'll teleport the party down to the catacombs located beneath the keep.


Hello young one, I am sorry to see thee in such terrible circumstances. I know thee well enough to see that you have been falsely accused. Tomorrow Ulraunt will most likely sentence thee to be sent to Baldur's Gate. There, thou wouldst receive the death penalty for these actions. I know that Gorion would not want to see his only child killed a scant few weeks after his own death. 'Tis as a favor to his memory that I will help thee escape. Make thy way through the catacombs beneath the library, but disturb them not. I have your possessions with me, you must take them and go with haste.

1- Do you know anyone by the name of Koveras? (if you spoke to him inside the library)
I know of no one named Koveras, but Koveras is the reverse of Sarevok, a young man who accompanied the leaders of the Iron Throne when they first came. I know not where he has gone.
2- Thank you for helping us.
It is now time for you to go, <Gorion's Ward>. I can teleport you to the secret room that leads to the catacombs, but from there you are on your own. You must be careful within the catacombs, as there are many guardians and traps, and perhaps whoever planned these murders. However dangerous the catacombs may be, they are a safer alternative to Ulraunt's wrath.
Why can't you teleport us outside of Candlekeep?
Candlekeep is protected by powerful runes that seal it from divinatory and alteration magics. If I were to teleport you outside of Candlekeep, you would be ripped asunder when you came in contact with the protective field. Trust me, child, this is the only way.


Tethtorial is finally encountered on the second level of the catacombs that are located beneath the citadel. He is standing in a wide hallway along with Gorion and Elminster. During the dialogue with Elminster, he will try to add credence to the convincing tale (which does contain minor elements of truth) Elminster and Gorion are spinning concerning the reappearance of Gorion here in the catacombs and the evils that have befallen you in your return to Candlekeep. However, it all leads to naught as all three of them are really doppelganger's in disguise and all dialogue leads to them revealing their true form and attacking the party.

It's okay, <my child>, it's all right. I didn't die that night, nor have I yet. The blade that you thought slew me had been treated with a magical poison. It left me, a living soul and a lively mind, imprisoned in a body that gave all appearance of death. The man you saw that night is called Sarevok, and he has been in the keep for three days past under the reverse alias "Koveras." Tethtoril kept watch on him but, in our foolishness, we never thought that he might have others with him... Please, child, I have loved you too much to lose you now.

— Gorion's plea to his Ward

Elminster and I had suspected it for some time. With Sarevok away from his lair, Elminster was at last able to locate your stepfather and bring him to safety... Forgive me, <Gorion's Ward>. I should have told you earlier. But to raise your hopes only to see them dashed to pieces all over again? There is too much heart left in this bony cage for me to have done that.

— Tethtoril's response to Gorion's statement

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